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dr emulator (madmax)
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Aug 29, 2017
May 5, 2009
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the uk that's all you need to know ;)
now thats a secret but you might find out 1 day

dr emulator (madmax)

, from the uk that's all you need to know ;)

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Aug 29, 2017
    1. Sir_Real
      I got layton till monday night or i would. You put the pissing thing on lol its not hard with that heatsink i give ya
    2. dr emulator (madmax)
      dr emulator (madmax)
      yep mate i'm in and ye it's unreal about the psu but it's covered :)
    3. Sir_Real
      hi dave

      yeah i'll pop round 2day. I see ya 650w corsair has died

      will be there bout 11 that ok ?
    4. Kreij
      Haven't seen W1zz, don't know when he'll be online.
    5. Triprift
      Nothing much you?
    6. Triprift
    7. Solaris17
      o shit i forgot haha. happy new year to you too i cant wait to try them. i currently cant my main system has been down for about a month so its been sad
    8. Sir_Real
      Yeah i got afew nokia 3310 hands free headsets still. They have 2.5mm 4 connection plugs
    9. dr emulator (madmax)
      dr emulator (madmax)
      hey you'll have to pop round next year:laugh::D
    10. Sir_Real
      Happy new year m8y
    11. Triprift
      Will be in 2 minutes love living in the future and happy 2010 to you mate.
    12. Solaris17
      excellent thank you very much this is good news
    13. Solaris17
      LOL i ment to write another reply after that one saying idk why i said you were from aus but it said i had to try again in 30sec. so i got bored and just left.
    14. Solaris17
      ha merry christmas to you too! may the land of OZ provide you with foreign gifts odd to us in the united states
    15. TheCrow
      Im from Lincoln too so i thought i would add you!
    16. Sir_Real
      yeah carnt download it ! says to many downloading try later.
    17. Sir_Real
      Hi, Would help if i knew what this favour is?
    18. Solaris17
      thanks for the heads up man good to know
    19. Sir_Real
      The game was released today
    20. Sir_Real
      NV6800gt i had one last xmas time sold it on ebay £28
    21. Sir_Real
      Abit ! im just installing this cod mw2 had to wait till midnight before the cd key would work.
    22. Sir_Real
      gunna be bit busy tomoz day time anyway.

      Keep meaning to pop round i will soon yeah
    23. dr emulator (madmax)
      dr emulator (madmax)
      it's ok erocker sorted it someone posted similar junk on all the pages i did try to tell btarunr but he's dissapeared
      yes sorry i should have given a link ,but he'd spammed 21 posts well what a waste of time
      cheers for now
    24. sneekypeet
      have a link, i have no idea what you are asking about.
    25. Sir_Real
      Hows dave? Been meaning to pop round m8 just been busy last few days. Dont think i'll get chance today either ! Will pop round tomoz daytime if thats ok ?
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    the uk that's all you need to know ;)
    now thats a secret but you might find out 1 day
    a lover of gadgets

    bikes electronics thinking of buisness


    Thanks to stefanels for the signature
    post pics of your bizaare mods - ​
    GPU-Z v1.20.0 is out
  • System Name: not very good (wants throwing out window most of time)
    Processor: xp3000@ 2.17ghz pile of sh** /i7 920 DO on air for now
    Motherboard: msi kt6 delta oap /gigabyte x58 ud7 (rev1.0)
    Cooling: 1 green akasa 8cm(rear) 1 multicoloured akasa(hd) 1 12 cm (intake) 1 9cm with circuit from old psu
    Memory: 1.25 gb kingston hyperx @333mhz/ 3gb corsair dominator xmp 1600mhz
    Video Card(s): (agp) hd3850 not bad not really suitable for mobo n processor/ gb hd5870
    Storage: wd 320gb + samsung 320 gig + wd 1tb 6gb/s
    Display(s): compaq mv720
    Case: thermaltake XaserIII skull / coolermaster cm 690II
    Audio Device(s): onboard
    Power Supply: corsair hx 650 w which solved many problems (blew up) /850w corsair
    Software: xp pro sp3/ ? win 7 ultimate (32 bit)
    Benchmark Scores: 6543 3d mark05 ye ye not good but look at the processor /uknown as still not benched