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  • I updated the bios on my 5970 to the good sapphire bios yonks ago. All is good. Though I might update it to the overclocked one when I fit my waterblock to it.
    had to delete flashing HD 5970 info from post for an odd reason - If you require this infomation please PM me and I will be happy to send it to you

    Hey good to see you are still around.
    I've been more active lately since I have had to bail out of uni due to a serious condition which has left me popping 13 pills a day for at least 3 months to get back on track.
    How have you and the family been?
    Yeah haven't done much upgrading lately before the big upgrade to AM3.
    Just an Accelero Twin Turbo for the HD4850 and a WD 1TB Black.
    I have posted a thread about the unknown dramas installing the cooler.
    Ranging from modifying one VRM a little, poor thermal tape and having to edit the original BIOS with RBE to make the fans work without software.
    The original HD4850 BIOS made the fan run passive until 70degC!

    Temperature dropped from 96-110degC max to 54-55degC max.
    The cartoon like Republic Heros of all games made the card reach 110degC -_-.

    If you're bored, and want to mod, see if the Thremalright Spitfire fits your card LOL!

    You already have a monster CPU cooler with a heatsink for the CPU's backside, your rig would look sick with a monster VGA cooler.
    Good to hear your daughters battling on.

    Yeah the setup should hold you over for a while lol.
    I remember the days when my Brother bought his 24" widescreen and 8800GTX only to find out the card wasn't really powerful enough to run it even though it was pretty much top of the line at the time.

    But yeah....he has a 480 now and even tried his 280 as a physX only to find the performance dropped.

    Now there are really cards which can handle those monitors.
    Work work work.
    Thats about it at the moment.
    My system specs should change in the near future finally.
    Going for a AM3 based system.

    How have you been?
    Better than anything i could do i hate to see what you come with when your not a noob lol.
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