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  • Yeah thats for sure!
    I can strip down most laptops to nothing in 15min now.
    Yeah the CPU, RAM and HDD are all upgradeable on the laptops.
    Some even can upgrade to wireless and bluetooth if they don't have it.
    I'm the main tech who works on the laptops as the other techs are blind as a bat, either in thier 50s or heading towards it.
    Once working in the Computer Tech industry, everything becomes alot quicker.
    I was useless at setting up wireless but now I can do it woithout thinking....okay now what was I supposed to do?
    The unfortunate story is, you will mostly come across the branded pre-made systems like ACER, HP and the like, all underpowered, all crawling on Vista, not like our custom PCs.
    One funny thing I have noticed is the older aged male customers ask for the older techs to do the work for them yet the work gets handed to me because I know the issue more.
    Makes me laugh, I think they can't handle the fact they have a much younger person telling them thier problems.
    It's that old BS story of older the wiser stuck in these ancient retards heads.
    Come on, don't they realize they themselves are old?
    I haven't upgraded in ages, will have to get a Bigger HDD though to relace the 160GB.
    Do3esn't take long before HDDs start to seem pretty small.
    I remember when I first both the 160 I thought yeah this will be enough.
    Now I'm planning on getting a 640GB WD.
    Good to hear you are all doing fine.
    What happened to the 4870 you had.
    Did it fry or something.
    Will be interesting to see how much more performance the 4890 has over the 4870.
    Wonder if the temps will be lower then the previous high end 4800s.
    Hey Craigleberry, I'm still a computer tech, but planning on going sokmewhere else which pays more.
    The boss is a tight arse.
    How have you been, hope bubs is okay.
    Flatout looking after my daughter and looking at tpu in between...
    She got in our local paper today 2 page spread and her story
    Ah I see Triprift likes the sig.

    Yeah there are some very fast racers out there in GRID MP.
    I tend to be in drift alot but will race as most of the time people don't drift.
    Oly thing is most people will leave as soon as I turn up.
    Tired, been very busy hex editing GRID and researching the csv files, I'll show you some pics of what I've done after I get some sleep.
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