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    MSI GTX 1070 Aero $469.99 at Amazon

    The link in the OP is now for a card with the price of $589.99, not $469.99 as in the title. So in less than one day, the price went up $120. So much for "back to normal".
  2. Hood

    CTS Labs Posts Some Clarifications on AMD "Zen" Vulnerabilities

    So AMD should sue CTS for causing them financial loss (drop in stock price because of negative publicity, if that actually occurs). Depends on Whether they can convince a jury that it was intentional, or possibly presented in a negligent way. AMD stock went up the next day, now it's very...
  3. Hood

    CTS Labs Posts Some Clarifications on AMD "Zen" Vulnerabilities

    It is AMD's fault, if you look at it objectively. They designed these chips on a shoestring budget, (and did a good job, on the surface). But in these days of frequent major hacks, it was irresponsible of AMD to do so without considering possible vulnerabilities. Their budget didn't have room...
  4. Hood

    CTS Labs Posts Some Clarifications on AMD "Zen" Vulnerabilities

    That's all we can do - but my concern is that in the meantime, all AMD systems may be vulnerable, especially the EPYC servers that are in use now, which could be spreading some of these exploits to other machines as we speak. That's why it was wrong for CTS to not wait a proper amount of time...
  5. Hood

    Fractal Design Expands Meshify C Line Up with New White Variant

    Yes, they should to tint the glass white, as well. So the case would be all white, at least until you lit up the inside, like this glass for buildings -...
  6. Hood

    Sharkoon Announces the TG5 RGB ATX Midi Tower with Controllable RGB LED Fans

    I like it, although there's nothing unique about it. It looks OK for a simple, low-cost build (air cooled). I like the clean look of the front glass (no fasteners, it seems to be permanently mounted to the plastic front panel). I don't think it's tall enough for top radiators, seeing how...
  7. Hood

    CTS Labs Posts Some Clarifications on AMD "Zen" Vulnerabilities

    Of course the threats are real. Those who suggest it's all BS made up by Intel have not thought it through. Can you imagine the backlash if none of this is verified? It would be terrible. Has anyone forgotten how loudly the AMD fans crowed when Spectre/Meltdown came out? Especially at...
  8. Hood

    13 Major Vulnerabilities Discovered in AMD Zen Architecture, Including Backdoors

    "So, if any of those exploits are real... you still need admin privileges? If a malicious actor has already gotten their hands on admin privileges, wouldn't you have bigger problems to worry about?" The problem would be that you might not even know you've been compromised, since these exploits...
  9. Hood

    13 Major Vulnerabilities Discovered in AMD Zen Architecture, Including Backdoors

    Let me know when they confirm or deny all this - that might actually be interesting.
  10. Hood

    Migrating Data from SSD to NVME

    I would always do a clean install on a new NVMe drive, because of the potential for problems, especially going from MBR to GPT. I can't remember ever cloning my main system, it's too important to me that I maintain maximum performance and compatibility. I have cloned some laptop drives to SSDs...
  11. Hood

    Is my PC dying?

    Yes, motherboards eventually show their age - capacitors don't last forever, slots/connectors get tarnished/oxidized, etc. I used to collect old boards on my wall, from old systems that were given to me because they would no longer boot. After swapping out PSU, RAM, video card, drives, CMOS...
  12. Hood

    Cougar Launches the PANZER-G Glass-Enveloped Chassis

    I imagine he means it's suffocating because of all the glass, which means air can only flow through the slits beside the glass - a common problem when fans are covered by glass or solid panels instead of mesh or grills.
  13. Hood

    Case recommendation

    "my PSU isn't showing up in Corsair Link" People have had that complaint since the first version that came with the AX1200i in 2012; pretty sad that it's still not working right after 6 years and many new versions. But then, the best hardware companies always have these problems with software...
  14. Hood

    Case recommendation

    Nice! I always wanted to try the Evolv ATX tempered glass, but it was a bit too cramped for all my hardware. Love the thick aluminum and the glass looks much better than the original (plastic window).
  15. Hood

    Cooler Master Announces MasterBox Q300 Series Cases

    You're right - it says it can be adjusted to the front, top, or bottom of either side - I don't see how without changing the glass side panel or right side panel. My bad - it must be a mistake in the marketing literature.