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    3D QLC Woes - Manufacturers Fighting to Get Yields Above 50%

    QLC NAND may be necessary to get prices lower, but could have the undesired effect of lowering perceived reliability of SSDs. In the past, the questionable reliability of NAND and controller chips has caused adoption rates to suffer, along with high prices, and short usable life may cause the...
  2. Hood

    Extravagant Intel Core i9-9900K Packaging Pictured

    Honestly, Intel, another bonehead move - This again makes Intel look like they're following AMD.
  3. Hood

    Intel Processor Supply Issues to Persist Till 2H-2019: Compal President

    Yup, jes notha sad case
  4. Hood

    Intel Processor Supply Issues to Persist Till 2H-2019: Compal President

    Which companies are you referring to, and what option are you espousing? You mean AMD? How original of you! Next you'll be recommending we all "upgrade" to Vega. Somehow I don't think anyone is waiting for you to tell them what their options are. Personally, I would wait 3 years for Intel...
  5. Hood

    COLORFUL Announces New iGame D-RAM DDR4 Gaming Memory

    Does anyone else think that "iGame" sounds like a line of gaming products for pre-schoolers? Trying to sound like Apple, sounds more like PlaySkool.
  6. Hood

    SilverStone Intros Tundra RGB Series Liquid CPU Coolers

    At least these have decent high-speed fans that push some serious air when needed. I hate AIO coolers with wimpy "quiet" fans.
  7. Hood

    ASUS Clears the Air on Missing Fan Connect Case-Fan Headers on GeForce RTX 2080 Ti STRIX

    Either way, good call. I also had a bad feeling about Turing - just the way NVIDIA was acting about reviews and such, something smelled bad.
  8. Hood

    Download Windows 10 TH/RS

    Besides the explorer dark mode, what are the exciting major changes in Rs5? Any worthwhile gaming mode stuff?
  9. Hood

    Micronics classic 11 600w , OK or Bad ?

    $11? You're rolling the dice against terrible odds. I get it, it's an older system, and I have done the same thing, for test or placeholder purposes. But get a decent one ASAP. The components inside have to be the cheapest known to man, to explain would require a complete tear down and...
  10. Hood

    ASUS Clears the Air on Missing Fan Connect Case-Fan Headers on GeForce RTX 2080 Ti STRIX

    I wouldn't use the card's header anyway, that's just another way to possibly burn up my very expensive video card (shorted fan or wire). I can control fans many ways, why risk your single most expensive component to control your cheapest component ($20 fan)?
  11. Hood

    Download Windows 10 TH/RS

    My Z97 Desktop running perfect, also like the dark theme.
  12. Hood

    More Buyers for AMD Due to Intel CPU Shortages, OEMs Unhappy

    Why should OEMs be unhappy? They love to sell crap PCs with slow CPUs, and the average buyer in Walmart or Best Buy doesn't know the difference. Last years, or even older APUs are dirt cheap and people are happy with anemic performance since they never had a decent PC.
  13. Hood

    Razer Launches Ifrit Headset With #noheadsethair Focus

    This is so stupid, it only reinforces my strong tendency to avoid any Razer products at all costs. Bad enough that their products are cheaply made and rarely last through the warranty, now they're assaulting our senses with this crap? You lose, Razer.
  14. Hood

    Razer Launches Ifrit Headset With #noheadsethair Focus

    I have no words...
  15. Hood

    Which cooler to buy for cpu

    Forgive me, but I'm always tickled when I read that someone has an unlocked K series CPU, an aftermarket cooler, and no desire to overclock at all. I picture them as so green that they imagine overclocking as this complicated and dangerous thing, best left to professionals with years of...