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    Download Windows 10 TH/RS

    My Z97 Desktop running perfect, also like the dark theme.
  2. Hood

    More Buyers for AMD Due to Intel CPU Shortages, OEMs Unhappy

    Why should OEMs be unhappy? They love to sell crap PCs with slow CPUs, and the average buyer in Walmart or Best Buy doesn't know the difference. Last years, or even older APUs are dirt cheap and people are happy with anemic performance since they never had a decent PC.
  3. Hood

    Razer Launches Ifrit Headset With #noheadsethair Focus

    This is so stupid, it only reinforces my strong tendency to avoid any Razer products at all costs. Bad enough that their products are cheaply made and rarely last through the warranty, now they're assaulting our senses with this crap? You lose, Razer.
  4. Hood

    Razer Launches Ifrit Headset With #noheadsethair Focus

    I have no words...
  5. Hood

    Which cooler to buy for cpu

    Forgive me, but I'm always tickled when I read that someone has an unlocked K series CPU, an aftermarket cooler, and no desire to overclock at all. I picture them as so green that they imagine overclocking as this complicated and dangerous thing, best left to professionals with years of...
  6. Hood

    Spire Announces the POWERCUBE 1418 Micro-ATX PC Case

    No TG or RGB? What were they thinking? Actually, it's a rare thing these days to see a new case without them. This case could have been designed 5 years ago when USB 3.0 was fresh, optical drives were still common and RGB was almost unheard of.. Basic case for low powered PCs, limited air...
  7. Hood

    Gigabyte Expands SSD Storage Lineup With NVMe M.2 Solutions

    So I guess it is "bottom of the barrel crap units" :laugh:
  8. Hood

    Worth upgrading CPU or getting a new motherboard?

    You do not have an i5-6400k, because it doesn't exist. Also your B150 motherboard does not allow overclocking the multiplier even if you had a K CPU, so you'd need a new board as well. You should have been aware of these limitations when you bought your system. At this point, it would only...
  9. Hood

    BIOSTAR Presents Professional Crypto Mining Motherboards with TB360-BTC Expert and TB360-BTC PRO

    crypto sucks / WTF Biostar, mining is done?
  10. Hood

    EK Launches their Next-Gen Velocity CPU Water Blocks

    Me too, it implies/confirms that nobody gives a damn about any of AMD's older hardware, such as FX. And why should they? Just as Ryzen will later be regarded as just another also-ran, once Intel has left them in the dust again.:laugh:
  11. Hood

    Gigabyte Expands SSD Storage Lineup With NVMe M.2 Solutions

    Great, we're reverting back to 2013. I paid way to much for my 2-lane Plextor M6e M.2 drive, back when it was the "fastest available". Was sorely disappointed to realize that it's 4K random IOPS was worse than my Samsung 850 Pro SATA drive.
  12. Hood

    Toshiba Memory and Western Digital Celebrate the Opening of Fab 6

    I didn't see one word about DRAM, what are you reading?
  13. Hood

    I need help my PC is busted.

    It can't hurt anything - if your temps are running high, your system will throttle the CPU back (and show it on the graph), or possibly it will shut down like it has already been doing. All CPUs have built-in protection this way - mild overheating will cause it to throttle back a little, more...
  14. Hood

    I need help my PC is busted.

    Sorry if I sounded harsh, it can be very hard to diagnose this type of problem, even with all the pertinent info, and if it has to be dragged out of you piece by piece, it can be aggravating. Temp monitoring software is free, so before spending money on unnecessary parts, you should download...
  15. Hood

    AMD Readying a 10-core AM4 Processor to Thwart Core i9-9900K?

    Too right, AMD fans have all the hollow "bragging rights" they're going to get in this pointless moar cores sales tactic. They have their useless 24 core Threadrumper to brag on while checking their email, so now they're going to vomit cores all over the mainstream? It's no secret that AMD...