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Sep 28, 2017
    1. freebird_9924
    2. grunt_408
      no problemo.
    3. InnocentCriminal
      Ooooh nice, thanks for that!
    4. grunt_408
    5. grunt_408
      Hi there,
      I have a AH3650 and want to install the Cat 8.12. When I try it I get the incompatible error.
      Can you help?

    7. InnocentCriminal
      It should do, I think the length of the card is around 10-12" inches. Depends on your case though.
    8. <<Onafets>>
      Thanks i canned those 2 and im gong for an ATi HD 4870X2 2GB. Will it fit on my motherboard...G-B X48T-DQ6
    9. InnocentCriminal
      Well, considering I've only ever had experience with a stock clocked 9800GX2 my advice might not be of great use. However, what sort of budget are you on? D'you have to have either a 9800GX2 or a 280? Have you looked at either a 1GB 4870 or even a 2GB 4870 X2.

      I was massively disappointed with the performance of the GX2 when AA was applied in Crysis and STALKER: Clear Sky - this was at 1680 x 1050, highest in game settings with 2, 4 and 8 times AA applied. On a stock Q6600 with 4GB DDR800 - it was a works rig.

      I can only recommend you read these articles...

      Bit-Tech Review ATi's 1GB 4870...

      ... the 2GB 4870X2

      These reviews include the GTX 280 and 9800GX2 so you can see where these cards are coming in comparison. The reason to why I suggested the ATi cards is the fact that they're much better value for money (or were - depending on nVIDIA's current pricing).

      I hope that helps, if you haven't already made a thread asking for advice, I suggest you do so, we've got some really knowledgeable members here that really know their stuff.

      Anyroad, I hope that helps, and welcome to the forums!

    10. <<Onafets>>
      hey m8,
      im new and i want some grafics help.
      What is better:
      1GB 9800GX2 Ecs
      1GB GTX 280 Gigabyte
      Will it fit on my motherboard...G-B X48T-DQ6

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