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    Random PC shutdowns (Event ID 41)

    Did you by chance reuse the pci cables from the old PSU? They may look the same by they can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.
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    Random freezes for less than 1 second with buzzing sound

    There had been an issue with Win 10 earlier builds of the latest release that causes this exact same freezing issue. I had it until the last update, thought it was device issue, after the update it went away. Side note, it didn't effect everyone, but there are several posts on the net about it.
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    What sections of the Ryzen CPU get the hottest? Center of the chip?

    Seems like even when you click on the 360 link it pulls this one back up....guess I didn’t realize that at the time. Sorry!
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    What sections of the Ryzen CPU get the hottest? Center of the chip?

    Is this the EK AIO you were looking at? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0842YK4L5/ref=emc_b_5_t
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    Final Fantasy XIV Online Surpasses 16 Million Players Worldwide

    Not trying to knock Balmung in any way! But I would be hesitant to recommend it to anyone looking to transfer. A little history from someone who has been playing since 1.0...Balmung was one of the new servers from the 1st merger of servers (Fabul + Besaid) back when they removed/merged dead 1.0...
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    H100i gtx to Noctua nh-D15

    Kind of went all off point here...lol Again I don't mean any disrespect, but on more than one post you have pointed out that the Fuma beats the d-15 by ONE degree, but only by referencing one of the two tests. So saying "just" the price was the point, when you allude to thermals, acoustics and...
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    H100i gtx to Noctua nh-D15

    No disrespect meant, but you're cherry picking. 69 for the fuma vs 70 for the d-15 (non-s) on the aida64 oc but on the prime oc test the d-15 is 69 and the fuma is 70, so in that aspect I can't really say it beats the d-15, trades blows/ties at best. I'll agree it's better price-wise, but...
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    Firefox: Security issue

    Not sure if it’s directly related to Firefox as I get that redirect from time to time on my iPhone using safari. I’m not signed up for any rewards program from anyone. Typically it happens on msn, espn and tweaktown.
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    Case recommendation

    I’d personally stay away from the evolv case. I own one it’s a great looking case and very good build quality but the air flow in this case for water cooling is very poor. There are several topics about the poor airflow performance of this case all over the internet if you want to do further...
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    Advice on 1440p monitor

    For IPS you won't (at least right now) find anything with 1-2 ms response time, that's still TN territory still. I had https://www.amazon.com/Dell-Gaming-S2716DGR-LED-Lit-Monitor/dp/B0149QBOF0/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1517789725&sr=8-3&keywords=dell+27+gaming+monitor+-+s2716dg which is a great TN...
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    Windows 10 clean install issues

    I did a clean install of the fall update a few weeks ago when I upgraded my system. (New cpu, motherboard, ram and an m.2 ssd.) The first boot after install, and perhaps maybe even after a restart or two Edge lagged horribly! I was using it to try and download motherboard drivers, chrome and...
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    NVIDIA Control Panel

    It’s a known issues with multiple monitors with different refresh rates and an nvidia gpu, there are several links found when searching for it.
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    Phanteks EVOLV ATX or other cases?!?

    That would be possible I guess depending on what you have in mind. If you aren't mounting a thicker radiator on the front you might be able to get away with it, or if it's just fans alone (or an AIO with fans) then it shouldn't be an issue at all. As far as lighting goes, I did find a nice...
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    Phanteks EVOLV ATX or other cases?!?

    That's not 100% correct. I have one of the first generation evolv atx cases, non-tempered glass (can't speak for the matx ones) and the front isn't that close. Don't get me wrong I love looks of this case and it was pretty easy to work in. Airflow in this case for air-cooling is adequate, but...
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    Phanteks EVOLV ATX or other cases?!?

    I'd suggest doing more research on this case for custom watercooling, there are a ton of posts even on phanteks own forums about the poor performance of this case. I have this case, love it for the looks, but it's airflow for custom watercooling is very poor without doing any modding to the case.