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Mar 18, 2008
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Runnnnnn My Own Computer Business


, Male, from Australia

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    1. TRUELOVE95
      1. Melvis
        Hello!, It looks to me like a Alienware style of case but just done by someone else? it looks funky! not my personal style of case for me but it looks good otherwise :) Im now into Aluminium cases ;)
        Oct 21, 2016
        TRUELOVE95 says thanks.
    2. Lionheart
      Yo bro, fucken AMD bulldozer is lookin gd man, can't friggin wait to build my new shiney AMD platform.

      Btw I'm typing this from my new iPad 2 lol, Never liked apple products until this one hehe.
    3. Kitkat
      im not trying to discourage sorry if i come off that way btw but i get the idea u want to build a mini titan to handle slave work or something rather it always seems like a cool idea it just comes out all wrong in the end tho a oced X6 in a itx with 200mhz and a blower !! and so forth then it wont boot.. or always crashes ect. Your boards a good board too im just trying to help sorry
    4. Kitkat
      it dosnt matter that DOSNT go thats the one thing about AMD parts ppl think just cause they fit they go it may request more than Xw (or what u think) of power in a milasecond to preform an operation. Its an X6 it can also "fit" in a mini itx board... that dosnt mean it goes there lol. Im not sayiing it wont work but that kinda build ask for complications. Also alot of those boards that were not desinged at all to run X6 wont run it anywhere near its full potential (some not even half) and or have sacrificed "something" to make them work. Im just trying to help i have. Itx boards and MATX boards that have updates too they always run funny with stuff WAY above them some wont even boot. Ive got a crosshair IV for my 1090 i know. Im just saying i dont think it was your cpu part. Have u tried underclocking too? either way u can see where the waste of $$$ comes in even if u do
    5. Kitkat
      880.... X6 300w that dosnt even go why did u waste the money on the X6? why not just get all around system 955 or unlock or whatever... did u upgrade to an x6??? if so again why lol. Dosnt matter what it eats 300w psu is a big no. I dont know full the situation
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    Runnnnnn My Own Computer Business
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