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    Need advice! D:

    An E8200 + £20 for my quad - yes or no?
    Yeah got them safe and sound, thanks again mate :)
    I can't is the thing! have to wait for am3 to not make it a pointless buy D:

    Arrived thanks man, but not working!

    Either card is dead or more of my pc is dead than I thought.
    YO!!!!!!!! if that's a pci-e card that would be awesome man, will still have a rig for the time being.
    I don't think selling the trad would be hard actually.

    1 FS thread just for it, you know if its up for more then a week then I might start being able to justify getting it for myself too lol

    Just looked at pics of 260s with after market on, my goodness messing with nvidia cards is much more advance ha ha, and expensive D:
    You've already got Vram sinks :D

    Or you meaning mosfet sinks?

    Dunno why I'm trying to convince you to keep it anyway lol

    I'm just so impressed with mine : ]

    Running it passive with the 4850, temps are amazing.
    oh, and I pray to god that you still have that 80GB WD caviar, need to buy it off you mate. We are doing about Mac OSX in college and I want to get a headstart, so ill nip on demonoid or TPB and get myself a copy of snow leopard :p
    Bad news im afraid matey - college have said they would love to do such a folding project however they would need to do tests on all components coming in from outside, and they dont have the funding to do so as they would also be required to maintain 'x' rigs as its using their resources. Basically, they said yes then slammed the door shut in my face.

    However, I think we should still try and set up a folding cluster of say 2 PC's. Ill be on steam after 5 so we can discuss it then youth.
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