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  • omg sorry man I totally missed this message! I'll try that test right now. I'll let you know the result asap. The video card I have inside right now is the old 8600GeForce. I was using it to see if the problem still occurs with a different video card. I'll be switch it back to the 9600GeForce now since the problems exists for the 8600GeForce anyway.

    k... I've just looked up the prime95 test and I'm a bit confused... which test exactly in side the program do I select? I'm thinking the blend option?
    Did it pass memtest? If it passed with no errors try running prime95 to see if it fails that. If it fails prime95 with multiple threads within three hours its probably the northbridge(motherboard problem). Make sure to run "hardware monitor" found at www.cpuid.com to see the temps of the components while you run prime95. If anything passes 80 degrees Celsius you have a cooling problem.

    BTW are you still using the original 9600gt Sonic it shipped with, or are you using something else?
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