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    Sexy Hardware Close-Up Pic Clubhouse.

    nekkid X800GTO...:pimp:
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    Need testing of new GPU-Z feature: Monitor Info

    works fine.
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    Weird Router Stuff - Cannot Connect

    you have set the router´s ip adress as "default gateway" in your LAN options, haven´t you?
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    My new beast....

    that´s a really sexy looking card man! :) do you have a windowed case? would be a pity if not...
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    Your computer speakers

    Onkyo TX-DS484 + 2x Elac Axiom DB70.... great sound and lotsa juice. Canton surround + center speakers coming soon :rockout: !!!
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    Idle GPU temperature is 65 degrees

    if you´re using ATITool for temp readout, check "write temperature data to log file" in the misc tab and read up after the tests... EDIT: uh, it´s in the temp monitoring tab...
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    Stumped with graphics card choice.

    the AIW cards do have ViVo afaik, and the ATI tv tuners are really good imo, so i`d take the X800 road..
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    ASUS x1600pro 256 mb FAN SPEED help !

    .... or get a nice aftermarket cooler? on that video card even passive cooling should be possible (depending on your case + airflow tho´) --> AC Accelero S2 ftw !! :toast:
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    ASUS x1600pro 256 mb FAN SPEED help !

    if you don´t get any temperature readings from catalyst/ATITool it´s very likely that there´s no sensor chip present on your card --> no way to control the fan speed in software... :(
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    Installing Infinity Quiet CPU Cooler

    IDK what kind of thermal paste is preapplied on c2d processors (is there any at all? :confused:), but i would NOT recommend using the white silicone crap that comes with the infinity... get some decent quality paste like Arctic Silver 5 or AC MX-1... also, follow the instructions in this...
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    Best Mouse?

    cleaning the contacts on both the mouse + the charging stand with rubbing alcohol works wonders... :toast:
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    Best Mouse?

    still love my MX1000 after all.... most people say it´s too heavy for serious gaming, but for me it´s just right...
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    How high is to high V-core on a 939 AMD 4200+

    i wouldn´t go any higher than 1.55. when i tried to hit 2.8GHz with my opty i gave her 1.6 , but still wasn´t stable and the temps were off the wall (+60°C) :shadedshu EDIT: nvm, i see you´re on wc... no experience here...
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    X2 4800+ 939 OC'd to 2.6Ghz .VS. FX60 939

    yea, the only difference would be the unlocked multiplier on the fx-60, the cores should be equal.
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    How do I backup my Firefox favourites?

    you´re right. :)