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  • hahah thats awsome man im glad your having fun sometimes its just good to step away from PC's at least with RC you can go out and play instead of letting your $6k investment sit on the floor next to you and hum
    Im doing all right been awhile since iv seen you on. wereyou just not posting much or really gone? well glad your back/posting. but ya im doing all right ssdd ya know been in better situations been in worse.
    i posted a couple pix for ya! after i took that last pik today i looked and noticed that the frame is tweaking again LOL :laugh:
    unfortunately i didn't hit the meet as i got buisy doing other thing's :( those kind of jump's aren't really a problem for me it's the really HIGH jump's ;)
    i'm alive.

    i found place's to get it at, just need the extra cash. they're about $500-$600 so not too crazy just that i have my priorities ya know ;)
    wow! why the hell didn't it submit my last msg? i sent ya a msg around 4:20 did ya swipe it or what? i've got cousin's that live/d about 10min from Mt.benson does that give you an idea?
    10-4 ;) your west coast, i have family in nanaimo :) haven't been there in 18yrs :shadedshu what a beautifull place! i hope to return there one day. one of my sister's hit's up whistler for 7 day's a year to do some skiing, lucky bitch :p
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