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  • thats why its hard. personally id go lightscribe...it gives it that platinum edition look.
    labels are like well its like whats on game disks..their like really hardcore stickers that you can put on them...if you scatch them they still come off but their better than regular stickers the plus is their in color. liughtscribe is much more perminent as its etched but alas only varying shades..no diff colors.
    hey thanks i had vacation for a week and had other things to do then it took me a while to get back on here
    Hey man, was wondering if you could help me understand something. I dont know if im missing the easy way to do this or if there is only one way. On the HIS logo you have me i need the background to be black so i fill it. But there are still some parts that are white, how do i either fill that in, or make the whole lot transparent? I have been using the erase and paintbrush tool up until now. Is this the only way to do it?
    well i kinda decided to take a break for a bit cause it was just being a bitch and the PSU doesnt fit so i pretty much have to do the whole thing over so it was just making me frustrated but ill get back into it and you will be the first to know
    Hiya! Was wondering if you could give me the login for the PSD drive. I have forgotten them.
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