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    I have silly amounts of RAM now

    It's 4x16 of Hynix dies on a Ryzen 5 3600 somehow. Default timings are uhhh not good (3200 C24 22 22 52 74) but they work just fine at 3200 C16 18 18 36 52.
    > Tell people to use Rust instead of C++
    > People use "unsafe mode" Rust because it's not like there isn't a "safer," modern C++ that they weren't bothering with anyway.
    Java, ewww
    I mean memory safe languages are safer from a security perspective, but... the NSA telling me this makes me feel icky and worry there may be something I do not know.
    Tested positive for COVID, yay.
    The Mumbo Jumbo Discord server got nuked today - an admin account got token snatched by a very well-crafted scam. Earlier after the event it seemed possible that past messages could be restored, but it's not seeming likely now.
    This hurts a lot. It was the first Discord server I ever joined, and the reason I created my account, and that has let to much more great things in my life.
    And now it's probably gone.
    What hurts the most is that I could have done something about it. It was during my physics class where we don't learn anything anyway because my teacher sucks anyway. Everyone got spam pinged which definitely would have gotten my attention, and the attackers gave everyone admin. So a lot of people started working to fight the attackers, along with screenshotting important info, roles, etc.
    I could have helped with that. I could have defended that which I hold dear. But no, I didn't have my phone with me because my parents took it, because I didn't do well in school. Their reasoning is "it's a distraction", but that doesn't hold up well because later in life they aren't going to be there to take away the distraction, I'll have to learn how to deal with it and I can't do that when it doesn't exist!!
    Even if it ended up being futile because the server got nuked, anything that I could have done to help would mean a lot to me, because it meant I tried. But I wasn't able to even try.
    So if I seem kinda down tomorrow (if I post anything at all) this is why.
    I hope past messages can be restored.

    Good night.
    So today I went on the Internet and made these


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    So about that MacBook...
    Apparently it goes for $400 on eBay so I'm selling it and getting an MBP 2012. A lot more useful since it has FireWire, TB2, an optical drive, MagSafe, replaceable storage, replaceable RAM, etc.
    Moneymaking at its finest

    Raptoreum on a Ryzen 5 3600. $1.74/day which is $1.74/day more than I currently make.
    Profitability is going to go down but I'll take as much as I can.
    iBroke myPhone (again)
    This time I didn't delete any folders, it just ran out of battery and didn't boot up into non-jailbroken mode like it's supposed to
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    Update: 90% of the things I use my phone for are broken because I had to upgrade to iOS 15 against my will.
    Geometry Dash: Broken
    Jailbreak: Broken
    -Undertale: Broken
    -Custom music, Discord/Safari tweaks: Broken
    The extra sad part is Apple can fix this. They could provide me with an shsh2 blob for just my device and it wouldn't matter. It fixes my stuff, it's not like they're signing it for everyone.
    But they won't because I am one man and they are a corporation, though I think I might as well try to fight the system.
    Care to predict the future? Simply comment below with your answer (Yes or no), and your guess as to what the question and/or answer are.
    I've officially finished Pokemon X and Y. I've beaten both games at least twice, I've watched all three Pokemon seasons (17, 18, and 19) set in the Kalos region, I've done everything I can. And it feels wrong.
    If only because I know that the Kalos region could have done so much more.
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    I wish that Pokemon Z had existed. I'm considering asking Game Freak/Nintendo if they ever planned Pokemon Z, and if so if they'd consider revisiting the game's concept for their X and Y remakes and including Pokemon Z or using it for their remakes instead of X and Y.
    On an unrelated note I hate how Season 20 "picks up" where Season 19 left off. They act like nothing in Seasons 17-19 happened at all - Team Skull asks ash "Who are you?" and instead of responding with "I helped save the world from Lysandre, plus I've kicked Team Rocket's butt many many times" he says "You guys are cowards!"
    I love the Gen VI games, but I really wish Game Freak/Nintendo had done a lot more with them.
    This was originally a single post but I ran into the max 420 character limit.
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