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Attempting to Run 3 Monitors | 3rd Display not Detected. Help Please :)


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Feb 23, 2012
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I'm trying to run 3 monitors in my setup.

Currently I have them setup as:

1 X BenQ 27" HDMI connected

1 x Samsung 21" DVI connected

1 x Dell 24" DVI > ActiveDisplay Port Connected with the adpater

Running a AMD 6950.

I have read that you may only use the one side of the GFX card for Eyefinity?

My problem is: I can't get the monitor using my DVI > ActiveDisplay Port adapter to turn on (run/get a signal/etc.). I've tried switching the DVIs around between the normal DVI port and DisplayPort (with adapter) but to no success. I am only going to run the 27" with HDMI.

I am up to date with CCC drivers and the third screen is not detected in CCC nor the Windows Screen Resolution Settings.

Hope there is someone out there that can provide me with a bit of help. Cheers!


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Mar 25, 2009
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dvi to active displayport i think needs to be the default #1 monitor, can't be sure im to tired and lazy to double check that info but yea unhook the other monitors set the dvi > displayport monitor as default then connect the HDMI make it a secondary then DVI see if that does the trick