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"CPU Core" undervolt test on I7-9750h. How it affect? Here.


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Oct 17, 2020
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Tested on helios 300 with aida64, 56w PL1 limit. Tested many values, and my excel-paint table shows the difference, imo 229.5 might be the best value.
Cache was on -125, but overall for me -127 is stable.

edit. also ill add my ts settings if someone interested.


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Jun 1, 2008
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imo 229.5 might be the best value.
Other users have come to the same conclusion. Some stop at -200 mV because it is a nice round number. Somewhere around -220 mV to -230 mV seems to be optimum.

The HWiNFO MHz data is only accurate to +/- 100 MHz. You would be better off using the ThrottleStop log file data. It uses high performance timers within the CPU and can track the CPU speed (Multiplier) to a much higher level of accuracy.

Cinebench R20 has proven to be a great test when adjusting voltages. You should see better performance or better temperatures as the CPU core voltage goes from -125 mV to -230 mV. After -230 mV, most users see little if any increase in performance.
I will post a link to the other testing you did. Thanks for sharing. :toast:

Edit - Here is some Cinebench R20 testing a user sent me.

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