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CS: Source, newb wants to build maps and server

Sep 5, 2007
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Hello All,

I think the time has come. I want to start a CS: Source server of my own for a few friends of mine and a LAN party or so.

What the hard part is finding good resources. I've hit google, and seen many guides. However, there are almost so many I don't know where to begin.

I guess I just need some help from you all. I know there some here on TechPower know a good place for someone like me to begin.

For a server, I heard you can use an old computer just to run a server for a few friends. I don't plan on making a server for more than 12 people or so. Mainly for my college campus. I'm going to hell for this statement, we're going to use an old Dell desktop for the server. Windows most likely, but Linux is a 10% possiblility.

Other than that, I'm in the water. I know I'll need Hammer.

Thank you for all your help, and this will be a fun project in the coming weeks. Who knows, I may make a Wiki to help others later on.

Nov 8, 2006
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12 people? You're going to need at least a 1Mb upload.

I'm currently running a CS Source Dedicated 16 player server on a 1Mb up/20Mb down and I get no problems. However before our upgrade when we were running 512kb up, I could barely handle 8 people.

If you run a dedicated server you don't need a hugely powerful server. Mine's running an old Athlon XP 1400 and half a Gb of RAM and it works fine.


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Sep 27, 2005
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The guides do help, but its a lot of work to setup a server.
I have never done that, but I know many people who did.
A good resource i usually use is FPS banana (www.fpsbanana.com/) for CS:S stuff.

Hey if you are ever looking for a server to play on I have a 24/7 one from gameservers.com
Yes it costs some money, but they setup everything for you.
Here is the info for the server:

Server Name: 27/7 Aztec/Dust2/Office || Team [PiL] Pub ||
IP Address:

Also here is our website: http://pil.clanservers.com/

Sorry dont mean to hijack the thread.