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Faster memory...

Sep 7, 2008
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Check my "system specs" for the system I have. The current memory I have is some Corsair running at 667MHz. I was thinking about getting some OCZ Reaper of stock speed 1066-1200MHz. Think it will be compatible with my motherboard? If so, what kind of performance improvement do you think I'd get... something like 4-6% in non-synthetics?
Sep 8, 2005
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Jul 28, 2007
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Your mobo officially supports 800Mhz RAM. So any higher than that and your into OCing. It might be best to take your current RAM to 800Mhz. I had that ram once, its pretty good, and IIRC it can OC to 800Mhz with a bit of patience. I dont know a lot about OCing RAM so I'll leave that upto someone else to help. You will prob see an improvement going from 675 to 800. Any higher and it just gives you slightly faster load times and app responsiveness, no greater performance in 3d apps IMO.
May 19, 2007
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not a big performance jump probley 5-10% in same programs


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Feb 19, 2007
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You will see a minor improvement in load times for most applications with faster ram. The Reapers are pretty decent. They should work in your board just fine. Just realize the will not be recognized as DDR2 1066. You will need to OC them for that speed.