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  • I was thinking of making a thread about how to post pictures in TPU thought it would good for newcomers and members who arnt sure. Just wondering were id post it comments and feedback maybe?
    Thanks for the Bioshock 2 announcement i think the whole gaming world should know this glorious news.
    Man, that looks awesome on the inside!

    I have a hard time finding one of those here

    BTW, how did the removal of the hdd cage affect the flow and temps in the case?
    The same reason they make us read My Antonia or Romeo and Juliet.. They don't like us lol I admit tho, I've read some good books. Count of Monte Cristo was pretty good!
    hey mate - just to let you know the money for the Jr is on its way and you should get it by tuesday. Just drop us a line when you ship the case please. Cheers! :toast:
    hey, I see in ur systemspecs that ur ac7 has 3 fans or do you mean case fans? if you modded ur ac7 can you send me a picture?
    Waste of money then really. May as well just get another 3870. I have seen that 4850 is on par with two 3870's 4870 surpasses it. Cant wait to see how the 4870X2 performs. just hope they get the price right, cus if I can bag it for about £300 I'm getting one!
    I have herd that as well, but they have to have the same amount of ram, and all cards default to the slowest cards speed, so a dual 3870s may only perform as well as a single 4870 anyway, not sure if its worth it.
    Where you find that out?? Everywhere I have looked says you cant. One site even says that ATi have stated that. You can only Xfire between same series. I.e 48xx or 38xx. so a 4850 and 4870etc.
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