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Flashing Bios

Oct 10, 2006
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Software Windows XP Professional SP2
Would it be okay if I flashed my bios with a new version with my system as is? Like, I wouldn't need to reformat or anything right? I've had poor luck with things like this in the past, so would it be alright if I disconnected my hard drives before I flashed the bios?


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Jan 24, 2006
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Software Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Yeah, you can flash the motherboard BIOS if there is something wrong. Generally unless something dosen't work, a BIOS update wont do much.

You don't need to reformat your drive after a BIOS flash.

I am sure it would be alright to disconnect the HD, but there is no point in it, and BIOS flash doesn't mess with the hard drive.
Feb 27, 2005
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But it's recommened to load the BIOS defaults after a flash, to clear the CMOS of any old data that may confuse the new one. And this in turn can lead in some settings being different than before (boot order, activated or deactivated onboard things etc.). So it's good to keep that in mind and probably make a note of those things to be on the safe side.