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Forspoken: FSR 2.1 vs. DLSS Comparison

Dec 10, 2022
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Are you talking about what appears to be the cloud shadows?
I don't know what they're from (they could be cloud shadows) but it doesn't matter because it changes the look of the image and obscures textures. When comparing these technologies, you have to eliminate all outside variables because they're so similar to each other. Now, I don't believe that anything was intended here but the optics of it are bad and I can guarantee you that a lot of people won't realise what it is and will make false assumptions based on it (in whatever direction).

I'm sure that whoever did the screenshots didn't realise it when the shot was taken because it's impossible to keep an eye on everything but when looking at the images, the difference jumps right out at you. I would've gone back and tried again, taking several screenshots and finding two that had identical lighting and shadows. Sure, it's bit more work, but if I were the one doing the article, I'd consider not doing it right to be a wasted effort in the first place because I wouldn't want anything to be the least bit misleading in favour of any competitor.

When comparing FSR to DLSS, the differences are extremely slight, like, it's to the point that I don't understand why anyone bothers because they both look 100% identical when a game is being played and the player's attention is on their mission, enemies, etc. I honestly don't think that either of them is a selling point for either brand because they both have it and they both work. Having said that, this is why comparing the two must be an extremely exacting science as just one little mistake (like what happened here) will corrupt the comparison and render it meaningless.

This is exactly why I don't think that the endless comparisons of them are anything but pointless. Sure, if a reviewer is able to see a significant difference between the two in a specific game, then sure, spend the time on an article and demonstrate it to the readers. Otherwise, you're just wasting time, energy and resources on something that is essentially a non-story.

This is a good case-in point because it's clear that there is no significant difference between FSR and DLSS in this game so what was the point? All that this comparison has achieved is to muddy the waters even more than they already were when comparing FSR to DLSS. Some people will think that "FSR has trouble drawing textures at [insert resolution here]" or "DLSS has trouble drawing shadows at [insert resolution here]" when neither of these statements are even remotely true. The other problem here is that the DLSS screenshots at looks like the Native screenshot while the FSR screenshot doesn't.

The 1080p comparison was done correctly so there's no reason why the 2160p and 1440p comparison couldn't have been done correctly also. It's sloppy work and if it were mine, I'd be embarrassed as hell right now and would be working my butt off to correct it.
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