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How to use C State? And discuss Intel i7-10710.


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Feb 11, 2020
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There is annoying noise in my Lenovo notebook. I looked up the information and thought that the noise came from cpu energy saving. Inductive vibration due to frequency conversion. I tried to lock the cache ratio, which slightly improved.
In addition, how should C state be set to reduce the switching frequency? What I mean is to set up a solution that slightly reduces performance to get rid of noise. Can anyone tell me what each of these buttons do in C state? Thank you!



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Jun 1, 2008
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Use the Windows High Performance power profile and then try adjusting the Speed Shift EPP value. Set EPP to 0 for maximum performance. Click on this value on the main screen of ThrottleStop to adjust it.

In the TPL window, you can also adjust the Speed Shift Min and Max values. Maybe increasing the Speed Shift Min value will help control the irritating noise that you are experiencing.

Edit - Probably not important but the Valid box is usually checked in the ThrottleStop C State window.
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