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I need some more single GPU powa! And no, not a 690.

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Oct 17, 2012
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Metro 2033, like FC3, has some weird framerate spike issue I think.
+1 on that. I can run MANY games @ highest settings, including Far Cry3, and BF3 and get High Frame rates, but while running Metro With all effects maxed I dip @ certain points, Most noticeably while throwing Frags. I've even equipped Hybrid Phys-x , using an old 9800Gt , and it (SEEMS) to clear up, so it MAY very well be the Advanced Phys-x option in "Game Options". If you don't have Nvidia, then the Phys-x option is run through your CPU, which must add to frame Drops. I'm no expert, but either way, that Game IS visually Stunning, and I'm MORE than happy to deal with the Drops in performance, for such a Great game. Can Hardly wait for Last Light, or whatever the new Metro is Called. It look's Sick.


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Feb 27, 2006
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Storage Crucial BX100 120GB | WD Blue 1TB x 2
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Case AeroCool DS Cube White
Power Supply Cooler Master G550M
Mouse Intellimouse Explorer 3.0
Keyboard Dell SK-3205
Software Windows 10 Pro
2. SLI is basically unusable nightmare from what i've heard while playing older games like BF1942, Sim City 4, Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Homeworld that I still wanna be able to play without dealing with graphics card issues.

3. I don't wanna spend the money on a second card
2. Fallout 3 and Homeworld are both considered "old"? :laugh:

3. But you want to spend money on a new card? I know you can sell the 670 but still.

Anyway, people are pretty much right (even if some of them are being douches about it). You will not see much of an increase going for a 680. If you have the cash sure why not, but if you want a "proper" performance upgrade you either have to go SLI or wait for the next generation.
Dec 14, 2009
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You can't improve the way you want to.

If the tessellation hobbling (intentional or not) of Crysis 2 is repeated on Crysis 3 then it'll play better on Nvidia cards (possibly).

However, Metro 2033 plays better on AMD cards (Physx excepted - not that it adds very much tbh). Maybe Metro Lastlight will be the same.....

Point is, as a few folk have *ahem* mildly put it your card should be fine. All i can do is point you down the quiet path (as that is what your OP also mentions). In that case the Direct CUII is the better choice (albeit a three slot monster).

As for future games - vendor sponsored games can make the best card at game A not the best card at Game B.

As for sli/crossfire, there's no big problem with it anymore. Most games, especially AAA games, support it from the outset and if they don't, driver fixes address most issues. I have no issues with crossfired 7970's (except for a HDMI conflict when using Mumble). And sli configs 'generally' have fewer problems.
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