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Intel Q6600 - Need Advanced Mobo Help!

Nov 15, 2010
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Hi guys... I'm new, but I need some OC help for my system.

I have read many articles and posts, but I am wondering if someone may have some useful advice for my specific case.
I'm trying to OC my Q6600... below are all the system specs you need:

- (CPU) Intel Quad Core2 Q6600 (65nm 2.40 GHz) ... with G0 stepping
- (RAM) Crucial Ballistix PC-6400 (4 GB @ 800 MHz) ... optimal CAS == 4-4-4-12 @ 2.0v
- (motherboard) ASUS P5K-E
- (heatsink) Cooler Master Hyper 212 PLUS ... air cooling
- (PSU) ANTEC 650w
- (case) Aluminum // (fans) 3x 120mm + 1x 80mm

- North Bridge == P-35 chip
- The FSB and DRAM Freq. are synchronous (cannot be separated)
- I use Prime-95 for 8-hours+ to check for system stability.

--- 2.40 GHz
Multiplier ..... 9
FSB NB Strap ..... 200 MHz
FSB Frequency ..... 200 MHz
PCIE Frequency ..... 100 MHz
DRAM Frequency ..... 800 MHz
DRAM Settings ..... 5-5-5-18 / 2T
CPU Voltage ..... 1.2000v
CPU PLL Volt ..... 1.50v* // 1.60v // 1.70v // 1.80v
DRAM Voltage ..... 1.80v
FSB Termination Volt ..... 1.20v* // 1.30v // 1.40v // 1.50v
North Bridge Voltage ..... 1.25v* // 1.40v // 1.55v // 1.70v

Max CPU Temp == 40c
Max MB Temp == 35c

--- 3.01 GHz
Multiplier ..... 9
FSB NB Strap ..... 333 MHz
FSB Frequency ..... 333 MHz
PCIE Frequency ..... 100 MHz
DRAM Frequency ..... 800 MHz
DRAM Settings ..... 4-3-4-10 / 2T <----- Very low CAS, but STABLE!
CPU Voltage ..... 1.3000v
CPU PLL Volt ..... 1.50v
DRAM Voltage ..... 2.00v
FSB Termination Volt ..... 1.20v
North Bridge Voltage ..... 1.25v

Max CPU Temp == 47c
Max MB Temp == 40c

--- 3.41 GHz
Multiplier ..... 8
FSB NB Strap ..... 333 MHz
FSB Frequency ..... 425 MHz
PCIE Frequency ..... 100 MHz
DRAM Frequency ..... 850 MHz
DRAM Settings ..... 5-4-5-14 / 2T
CPU Voltage ..... 1.4250v <----- Crashed at 1.4125v around 3-6 hours of testing
CPU PLL Volt ..... 1.60v
DRAM Voltage ..... 2.00v
FSB Termination Volt ..... 1.30v
North Bridge Voltage ..... 1.40v

Max CPU Temp == 58c
Max MB Temp == 45c

Okay... here are my questions...

Q1) For this CURRENT setup @ 3.41 GHz ... is my CPU PLL Voltage too higher?
Q2) For this CURRENT setup @ 3.41 GHz ... is my FSB Termination Voltage too higher?
Q3) For this CURRENT setup @ 3.41 GHz ... is my North Bridge Voltage too higher?

I basically don't want to "over stress" my components (or burn them).

From what I understand...
- I think my NB voltage is fine (1-rank above default), because the Frequency is above 400 MHz ???
- I'm not too sure about my CPU PLL... I dont' want to stress the internal clock system, yet since the FSB and VCORE are so high, I think I need it (1-rank) higher than default ???
- I'm not sure about the FSB Term. Volt. either... but I think it needs to stay at (or above) the actual VCORE readings ???

Any extra help with my questions 1-3 would be greatful.
Nov 23, 2010
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NET I also have the same problem with the 3.6Ghz asus maximus extreme and not have put the correct volts, rather cut the memories and not the processor because I'm at 3.55Ghz with 395Mhz and x9 is very stable

Ram-DDR3 1600Mhz 2x4Gb

Vcore:1480Volt Cpuid see


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without too much fuss i managed to tweak a P35 to 3.6 @ 400FSB/9X FSB voltage at 1.4
Nov 23, 2010
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Look at my pal that keeps ME 3.6Ghz with 1.480volt but the memories are 1600Mhz and leaves Normal trends and is very stable without water cooling heatsink only by air Hence, the temperatures are 72 at full load


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set your pll to 1.8v thats the standard for 775. possibly nb to 1.45 and vtt (fsb term) to 1.4 but vtt is tricky. to much for that clock will cause instability not enough, instability. it really takes tweaking. q6600's are voltage hogs as long as you can keep it cool you can pump 1.55v to it no problem