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Killzone 2 Q?

Jun 28, 2008
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Now that I have my system back, I'm thinking about getting KZ2. I don't have high speed, so multiplayer is out the window for me. I heard you can setup multiplayer matches with bots. Does this work well? An employee from gamestop told me he heard the multiplayer play is iffy. He didn't go into much detail.
Jun 24, 2008
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You're seriously gonna take advice from a gamestop dude? The multiplayer is great, i havent played in a bot match yet, but i guess its the same as online but with less lag(controls lag alot), and bots would prolly wanna do objectives more than the average Killzoner.


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May 19, 2008
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I got this thinking it was going to be Halo 3 for the PS3 (and also the first one rocked) and the game sucks. :shadedshu

Lag in the controls is one issue, lag in the game is another....the bots are dumb and never actually shoot you if you can hide behind a 2 inch pebble...my advice..don't buy it, even if I made the mistake. :nutkick:


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Jun 8, 2008
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The single player is amazing. I mean it was one of the best I have played in a while. i haven't played it in MP because I jumped from it to BF:BC that I got for cheap. So I cannot say anything about the MP. but the Single player is top notch
Jul 6, 2006
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This game and MGS4 are more than enough for me to be happy that i bought a ps3, really man the game is great,

about the multiplayer being "iffy" i think its just because he either sucks or because it does take alittle getting use to the games controls are some of the best i've ever played on a fps but took a lil to get use to.