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  • Okay so you've ignored my PM's from here and facebook. You just left a comment on facebook, so I know you're about. When are you gonna get back to me about this stuff/payment you owe me?
    It's taking the p*ss mate, in 24 hours time, I'm taking it to dispute resolution.
    Can't man, ain't got it on my big rig. I'll stick another HDD in my rig tomorrow and do a clean Windoze install and stick xfire on then. For now, I gotta go to bed; it's my Son's Birthday Party in 9 hours and I got a ton of egg mayo to do lol
    PM me if you can find a charger for the LG yea? Cheers man
    You disappeared from MSN or something? xD missing the long pauses when you roll some up LOL
    What a mess, he's had such shit luck with his rig.

    He even took it a pro shop 3 times and it still buggers up.

    Not even his SATA dvd drive worked man, brand new lol

    Worst computer luck ever.
    ARGH! your not going to believe it man, that ram you gave me, it got the computer working, the guy comes round to pick it up and it wouldn't boot! lol

    His mobo or something has friend the ram!

    He's given up ion that rig now lol donated me the parts, so I've got another full tower case to rip to shreds atleast :D

    What a waste of ram though.
    Your PM in box is full, LMK when you make some room so I can send you a PM about the PSU.
    Right, it was ram bugging out my friends computer.

    I need 2 sticks of ram then sir : ]

    Does not have to be fancy sorts as long as it works :D
    Sorry Fella things have been a bit odd recently :p

    I'll test out my friends rig on some of the DDR2 I've required and if the problem with his rig is ram I will be needing some ram : ]
    Hey man, was wondering if you could do me a favour?

    I have a heatware now ( same username ) so if you could rate me about your freebie that be grand :D
    I had just posted on kyles visitor message page when I wrote my post XD heh

    Maybe a sign I should start sleeping more!
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