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Lack of creativity in games

Discussion in 'Games' started by GSquadron, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. GSquadron


    Dec 2, 2009
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    I wanted to share my opinion regarding the latest games.
    After doing some programming myself, i don't see it that difficult to make a game
    if you work with 100 other people. That means that the latest games are made to
    get the money as soon as the industry can. After all a lot of people see a great lack
    of creativity. Stupid stories, kill people, hop helicopters and jets, beautiful places
    and much more all trashed by stupid ideas which repeat in every game.

    I understand that Call of Duty fans are happy with it, but seriously i enjoyed
    Call of Duty 2 more than any of its series. Latest one seems repeating itself.
    All Devil may cry, Final Fantasy, Sonic and i dont know how many series are,
    are getting even worse, because we have already played them.

    My preferred is Tomb Raider which has completely lost its "power" of creation
    by the player who had to use brainz to pass levels. Now I better play pacman
    than Tomb Raider and the guardian of light. That game was 100% stupid and
    had nothing to do with Tomb Raider. The companies started to understand
    that Tomb Raider was going to die as a series if they went on with these
    stupid games so they will make Tomb Raider 2012 which for me,
    again will be stupid. You will see when it will come out.
    I better play Tomb Raider 1.

    The creativity has depleted and programmers work for money, not for games.
    All you buy is some work made by people who want to become rich and not
    make their hard work a legend. One tackle they have to pass is that they
    have to create new types of games which are already played by gamers.

    Let's take Skyrim. Do you really think that is creativity???
    It is just a very big world with a lot of things and that is all!
    The only creativity there is the way the player levels up and spells.
    We have already seen spells in a lot of other games and Fallout
    which has a very similar engine. So that means that those so-called
    programmers copy paste their works from past generations and
    make new games to earn 5x of money. Than they couple up with
    other companies (like Tomb Raider series is doing and Skyrim too)
    and earn 5x more. Than in 2015 i expect 4 companies coupling up
    together and earn 5x more for each one!!! 2020 5x with 8 companies!

    The more i program, the more awful the games become (Assasin's anyone?)
    (Are you kidding me? All 4 series? That is awfull, all the SAME!)
    the more equal they become. Minecraft for example was a piece of
    great creativity. Seriously, it is not a Call of Duty, but its new and deserves
    number one, even though i hate Java programs.

    All people sell their work for the paper. Seriously! It is paper made of wood!
    When i talked with one of the Tomb Raider programmers, he acted very angry
    when i asked him where is Tomb Raider. I personally think that programmers
    have sold theirselfs and have become monsters to get the money without
    even thinking of what they are doing.

    I dont have anything in hand to change them, but i can change myself
    if i want to become a game programmer. Also, i wrote this, for you, if you
    want to become one!

    Any angry boy, (or humble servant of game programmers) can start spitting
    poison from his mouth! :nutkick:
  2. DannibusX


    Aug 17, 2009
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    United States
    You had me until Skyrim.

    You don't think the lore and the quests within Skyrim are unique or "creative"? That shit is straight up gold. Did you not read any books in the game? Someone had to create all of it, Skyrim is no simple rehash of Oblivion or any other Elder Scrolls title.

    You do have a point when it comes to a lot of games out there though, but you are also witnessing the rise of the independent developer, which those crazy fools are cranking out fun and vastly different games.

    Also, I recently broke out my NES because of this issue. Playing through The Legend of Zelda and soon Final Fantasy again. There's tons of NES games I want to play again. The 80's are coming back and I can't wait to buy parachute pants.
  3. GSquadron


    Dec 2, 2009
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    Lol, i thought you were going to contemplate about the skyrim dragons!
    Anyway, reading book is extremely boring (for me), especially in a game, where you
    hardly could use the book knowledge in real life. I didnt read any book, because
    of what i said before. I can write you tons of quests, but that said, if you
    think the quests you saw on skyrim are creative, you have not played fable 1
    or this sequence of Tomb Raider IV

    I would have not even started skyrim if there was a game like this Tomb Raider.
    I have nothing against skyrim though. It was fun wasting time :)

    btw, i remember this was legendary at that time, which i have barely seen in any games
    realistic idea which will never came back if things go on like this

    From skyrim i remember only dragons who could be beaten by a single dagger stab:


    As for nes, super mario (which came with the console this is a reason it is a legend)
    and goal 3 are true legends

    But there are more legends normally, these are only for me.
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  4. 1Kurgan1

    1Kurgan1 The Knife in your Back

    Dec 8, 2008
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    Duluth, Minnesota
    I just skimmed your first post since it's early and I don't want to read a novel. But this is much easier to respond to. I played Fable 1 and it was good, but it was a linear game, not open maps, and I don't remember it being an amazing storyline. The game was lots of fun, I enjoyed the quests, but not any more than Oblivion. And as far as the Tomb Raider video, you are talking about one spot in Tomb Raider, not the whole game, lots of games have epic 1 moment things.

    Skyrim goes above and beyond the main storyline, the small storylines and situations you get put in are great. I remember just dungeon crawling in the mountains and seeing a huge chest at the other side of the room. So I started running for it thinking it was ab it strange nothing else was there. Then I fell through a trap door in the floor and fell like 2 stories into a cage with a bit of water and a corpse. There was a mad scientist of some sort on the outside of the cage mummbling that he's happy the water worked because the last guys shins basically blew out when he landed and he died. And how he's going to do something with my soul, I picked the lock, broke out and tore him a new one. And that was just something random.

    Or another place I went into there searching for some ghost or something. I killed it and thought it was pretty easy, but I found a journal. I picked it up and it was short (I don't read long books in that game, but journals are always good). The journal basically logged this guys descent into madness. He went down in there looking for treasure or something, figured out how to pull off a ghost hoax. And was making journal logs about scarring treasure hunters and was laughing about it. But as his entries went on he started writing differently, and eventually his last entry basically said he was the guardian of this tomb, his insanity had completed, and I just ended it.

    Tons and tons of amazing small storylines through out Skyrim, finding journals is the most entertaining thing. So I do agree with you on a lot of games being like you say, but honestly, if Skyrims storylines don't impress you, then it puts you on a level hard to agree with (where it would seem everything is bad).
  5. Mr McC

    Mr McC

    Apr 12, 2010
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    Skyrim debate aside, I agree that creativity within gaming is on the decline, but rather than blame the developers I blame the consumer who is too willing to settle for regurgitations and games constructed according to a formula - payment is the strongest encouragement for them to continue along this path.
  6. GSquadron


    Dec 2, 2009
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    I think you are perfectly right. Not talking only about games, but i see people who buy the latest Cell phones, tablets and whatever that has to do with the latest without even knowing how to use them. I have a lot of friends that feel sorry for buying iphones instead of buying a whole PC.
    Maybe this comes from a great ignorance from people, who don't even know what they are wasting money at.
    Games is exactly like that, when your friends ask you have you got the latest game?
    Have you got the latest cell phone?

    What is ridiculous i have even seen people who buy the latest cpu
    and they don't play games or program at all!
  7. Drone


    Sep 1, 2010
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    There's a lack of creativity because:

    1) A lot of kickass and fucking amazing developers are disbanded now, such as:

    Core Design, Surreal Software, Origin Systems, Ritual Entertainment ...

    um do I need to carry on?

    2) Gamers today are just graphic whores and nothing more. Straightforward gameplay with WSAD and mouse click, flashy FX and stuff makes them happy. This is pretty sufficient for devs and designers to milk their cows.

    Oldschool gamers today are in minority (mostly pc gamers). All that console exclusivity is getting bigger and bigger. Maybe this fact also reduces some creativity.

    As for skyrim. Well I don't play it and tbh not really want to. It's a console port. I don't like ports at all.
  8. the54thvoid


    Dec 14, 2009
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    Glasgow - home of formal profanity
    In days of old when consoles were even shitter than they are now, you couldn't play the super complex rpg's and games like CIV on them. You needed a PC with it's huge memory capacity to utilise all the shit going on. Things changed and consoles got better (still sub par to a decent PC) and the games reflected the consoles. Complex (coding wise and GB size) were toned down and the PC genre suffered.

    Look at Crysis - it was quite refreshing and no console could handle it. It was even too extreme for most PC's. But with the console market getting bigger and hungrier the developers reflected that need.

    Also, the demographic has changed. Consoles are still primarily aimed at the younger generation. It's mainly more mature folksies that buy PC's for gaming. We are not the demographic anymore. Kids get consoles, consoles get kiddy games. The market is console driven therefore keep the kids happy with "shoot shoot bang bang" and the bucks roll in.

    Flashy wooshy half naked fighting chicks sell.

    Complex, patience driven games that use the resources of a good PC don't.

    Things are changing though. Steam gives a great access to indie developers and the games they create for small bucks. There's hope out there - we just need the consoles to get a bit better and for kids to stop being kids :rolleyes:

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