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Thermal paste


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Jan 21, 2010
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Noob here. I plan to use the pea method with my Formula 5 and was wondering if I install the cooler and then remove to see 'spread' can I just put it back down if it is good or do I need to clean it and start over?

Jan 2, 2007
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I would say it depends on how the heat sink is setup. If its a traditional one easy to put on and keep lined up and such go for it... but if you got a megahelm or true or a big bulking hard to mount your better off keeping it on as to not thin it out to much by smearing the thermal paste everywhere.
Jul 28, 2008
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Put a drop in the middle of the CPU and then insert the cooler with even pressure. Don`t check the spread. The whole point is to make contact between CPU and the cooler with out locking air in the paste and not overusing paste you would get negative effect. The core is in the middle of the CPU and is 1cm2 that is the most important contact surface.