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  • I had BC2 on xbox i hated it same with mw2 but no one would buy it lmao .... i do need a good game I am looking for a good rpg or something (dragon age sounds good).. yea hold your job for awhile work my suck the the rest is all good and thats hard to find ...
    Could be better but all is well. Didn't know it was an internship, but seeing as though you have been there for quite some time now I hope they give you the FT position. :)

    Work here has been day in day out same thing over. Nothing really changes where I work.

    I am ready for a change I will admit but with the decline of the economy it's going to be very tough finding a new VERY SECURE job. I mean been at this place for going on 6 years now and absolutely love the people I work with and it's customer base. Don't think I will go anywhere anytime soon.

    As far as the hobby goes, been clocking up this core i3 530 and damn its fast. I do kinda regret moving from the AMD/AM3 side of things, wish I could had the cash to go up to a x6 1090T but it isn't going to happen, I am actually for once happy where I am at. Maybe move to an HD6k card when the time is right. Got a new radiator on the way and really do need to start working on a case mod. Cable management and all. I've been rocking the new Prince of Persia game though, it is great, you should look into trying it out if you like those type of games. Would you give you a break from CoD/BC2.
    I love to drink but i'm only 17 lol. I will take you up on that on my 21st bday in 2013 :D
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