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ThrottleStop profile selection via cmd, or add a feature

Nov 20, 2017
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Hi Guys,

Been a user of throttle-stop for so long and cannot live without it.. and i have always wished it to have a feature to control a profile based on thermal load or CPU usage.. such as going to a slightly slower clock speed at XX.C Temperature or XX.% cpu usage

I have a i3 8350K and an i5 8600K both cpus run at 4.8GHZ

for now
I have made use of hwinfo's alerts system using wscript.exe and a hidden vbs to hide a Batchfile from running.
I force selection of a windows profile to balanced when hitting XX cpu load above 80% or at XX Temp.

It works fine for me, THO... If I have an overclocked CPU.. if the power settings for CPU Performance is at 100% it runs the cpu at full O.C. Speed.. as soon as I change from 100% to 99% it jumps to the fasted non overclock speed.. so 4.8GHz at 100%, 4GHz at 99% I would like to lower only to 4.4GHz for example and cannot with my method above..

can the feature above be added to throttlestop? or can I use a command prompt to select a profile while throttlestop is running without opening a second window.

I am sorry If I am posting in the wrong area,



RealTemp Author
Jun 1, 2008
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You could setup two profiles in ThrottleStop and then have ThrottleStop switch profiles based on temperature. Set Profile 1 to 4.8 GHz and Profile 2 to 4.4 GHz. Open up the Options window and check off the Alarm feature. Set DTS to 20 and tell it to switch to Profile 2 when it reaches this temperature. TJ Max for most CPUs is 100°C so 20°C away from that would be a peak core temperature of 80°C.

You can use ThrottleStop like this but I do not really recommend it. An Intel CPU should be able to run 100% reliably at any temperature below the thermal throttling temperature without damaging it so I tend not to worry about core temperatures. A much better option would be to lower your turbo power limits. Less power consumption equals less heat. Intel CPUs are designed to adjust and throttle the CPU speed, if necessary, hundreds of times per second based on power consumption. This will give you a far smoother transition in performance compared to ThrottleStop adjusting your CPU speed in a 400 MHz step every 1 second.