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Total War - Rome II

Apr 18, 2010
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Processor AMD 1300X
Motherboard ASRock AB350 Gaming K4
Cooling TR Macho Rev. A
Memory 16GB Corsair 3200 MHz
Video Card(s) Sapphire RX 560
Storage 250 GB 850 EVO, 2x6 TB WD Ae
Case Fractal R4
Audio Device(s) Aune MK2 DAC
Power Supply SeaSonic X650
Mouse Logitech G702
Keyboard Microsoft Sidewinder
Software Win 10
The AI is dumb and there are some performance issues for sure, but I've seen far, far worse, even from CA (Empire?). I like the new mix of automation for army management, while still having a hand in creation and empire building. Army traditions and general abilities are cool too, but the 1 year per turn does kinda make general abilities pointless when they die before getting above 3 or 4. Instead doing more turns per year, I think a good idea is inheritance of some traits to successors.


Chief Broken Rig
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Mar 25, 2009
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Mod for Turns per year is already out,

Already 70 turns into a campaign with it and I gotta say game is way better at 2 TPY than 1TPU. Tried 4 TPY as well but that was just way to long.

30-40 years in game I conquered the territory that was once Macedonia taking most of Illyria / Macedon / Thracia and parts of Pannonia so 3 1/2 Provinces where as before it was 80 years to do the same thing it was just stupid.

Also most family members were unable to level up enough to gain ranks in government to keep your faction in power now with 2 TPY while its possible to still get screwed its not 100% you will have Civil war now its about 50/50 which works out alot better.

Hoplite Phalanx = still borked

Slingers are ridiculously OP.

Rome units are capable of taking on 2-3 of the other factions units in melee so there OP in that regard currently.

AI loves to siege cities with navies aka blockade however during a blockade you cannot attack that city, there is no siege limit on Blockades so the AI will sit there for 30-80 years just besieging a city with there navy doing nothing.

Battles end way to quickly 6000-8000 man battle is over in about 3-4 mins.

Due to how shields work now compared to rome 1 the testudo formation = pretty much worthless sadly.

In general if you play enough of the game theres alot of things that are broken or not functioning right.

Such as max level farms causing squalor? makes no sense where as Industrial buildings = makes perfect sense.

Games not bad but serious 2 TPY (need to start a new campaign) is so far the best mod in terms of game balance so far.

Biggest problem however is the insane number of siege battles,

Turning walled cities into towns with no walls doesnt mean its a regular land battle its just a low level settlement siege and the AI is retarded at defence, the victory points just result in the AI being super passive and doing pretty much fuck all most of the time and if they attack you they just rush your armies trying to push through straight to said victory point which usually results in them routing there entire force. On hard difficult I have destroyed besieging armies in the 3000 man range with 900 man city garrison simply by using choke point + 2 hoplites + 1 levy pike. so 160 + 160 + 160 = 480 men routing a 3000 man army because it can't figure out how to go around. Its just a mess I am not gonna sugar coat it.

Biggest problem however is the brorken Diplomacy

The fact is if you open the Diplomacy tab you will see you balance of power vs that faction you selection however once you decided to enter negotiations with said faction the balance of power defaults to 50/50 or equal this = huge issue when you are the worlds largest power and a 1 city faction thinks it can take you on because the diplomacy aspect is broken.
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