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Understanding ThrottleStop Logs


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Aug 1, 2021
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I need help understanding the logs from my Throttlestop program to see what is hindering my performance.

For context I originally installed the app because I was suffering from sudden performance issues, overheating and frame drops. My laptop is about 3 years old now and I've gotten it professionally cleaned for dust. The only thing I haven't done is applied new thermal paste or replaced the heatsink (I genuinely dont know how to check that). But at the moment, I can't even run League of Legends on 144 FPS without frame drops. What is odd is that there is almost no performance variations when switching video quality settings except for turning on/off Vsync. I've tried MalwareBytes for any potential malware as well with no luck.
My specs are as follows:

Intel Core i5 9300H Quad Core / 2.4 - 4.1 GHz
GTX 1660 Ti 6 GB.

I've attached both my ThrottleStop settings and logs for like 3 days.


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Jun 1, 2008
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@Confucius - I like seeing lots of data but what am I supposed to do with 3 days worth of log data? I have no idea when you were playing or when you were having trouble.

Why not create one log file. Play a game for 15 minutes or half an hour or until you have some throttling problems. Tell me what you were doing and the approximate time that it happened. Then I can look in the log file for anything unusual.

The log file mostly shows that your CPU and GPU are running great. I do not see any reason why you lowered the turbo ratios and slowed your CPU down. The temperatures do not seem to be an issue. I would set the turbo ratios back to their default values. Intel CPUs can safely run over 90°C for hours. If they get too hot, they will throttle to protect against any damage.

Can you post a screenshot of the TPL window so I can see those settings?

When your computer is idle at the desktop with only ThrottleStop open, what does it show for C0%? If you have a high C0%, this means a lot of background tasks are running which can interfere with smooth and maximum performance.


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Aug 1, 2021
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@unclewebb I did not realize that it also logged my performance outside of gaming. I apologize but I am not really that tech-savvy.

Honestly, I do not really have any good reasons as to why I lowered my turbo ratios except having browsed through different threads with the same CPU as mine and just copied what you told them. I realize now that it might not have been the best decision. Also, do my undervolting settings look fine? Am I supposed to have ticked on Speed Shift - EPP to 32 if my laptop is throttling? Speaking of throttling, is there a way for me to determine if I need to reapply thermal paste and/or the heatsink?

I have attached a screenshot of the TPL window and my C0% is really low when idle.

I opened up Heaven Benchmark and made it run medium, then high benchmarks. From the start, it seemed like my performances weren't going to be met when I saw my fps being unstable at high


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