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Vista SP1 Problems and solutions

Discussion in 'General Software' started by Jelle Mees, Mar 22, 2008.

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    I think it can be usefull to many TPU visitors if there was a thread, filled with Vista SP1 problems and solutions. It's not only intresting for people who encounter a simular or the same problem but it's also usefull for technicians who need to help out Vista users every day. I recommend a subscription to this thread.

    This thread is not the place to be to ask for solutions, it's the place to be to share and overview problems that already got fixed.
    Remember, only Vista SP1 problems and solutions!

    I suggest to use this simpel layout:

    [B]1. Vista Version:[/B]
    [B]2. Problem I was having:[/B]
    [B]3. How I fixed it:[/B]
    [B]4. Additional information that might be usefull to some people:[/B]

    I will start:

    1. Vista Version:
    Vista Ultimate X64

    2. Problem I was having:
    I wasn't able to install Vista Service pack 1. The SP1 installer displayed a message saying that my OS language was not compatible with one of the languages that were included in the SP1 installer.

    3. How I fixed it:
    In the past I installed a Vista langauge pack. This language pack wasn't active when I tried to install Vista SP1 but it WAS the reason why SP1 wouldn't install. I uninstalled the Dutch language pack and after that I was able to install SP1 just fine.

    4. Additional information that might be usefull to some people:
    I read on a Microsoft developper blog that the language packs will be re-released at the time or some time after the other SP1 waves because the old language packs are not 100% compatible with SP1. There are ways to install and use the old language packs on SP1 but it's best to wait for an official release.


    Another one:

    1. Vista Version:
    Vista Ultimate X64 SP1

    2. Problem I was having:
    Audio didn't work after SP1 installation on my Acer Travelmate 5720 laptop. The device manager didn't show anything abnormal and I was still able to acces the driver settings.

    3. How I fixed it:
    Uninstalled audio driver via device manager. Downloaded SP1 compatible driver from Acer website. Installed the new driver, rebooted computer and audio worked once again.

    4. Additional information that might be usefull to some people:
    Downloading from Acer.com is a nightmare. If you get 56k download speed you should consider yourself very lucky.
    Nitro-Max and Solaris17 say thanks.

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