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Watercooling loop order

Jun 16, 2009
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Motherboard Asus M4A89GTD PRO / Asus Rampage Formula/Foxconn A7DA-S 3.0
Cooling Heatkiller 3.0 LT,Laing DDC+,Octakaideca-Rad /EK SP,Tt 400L, B.Ice XT2/Xiggy Black Knight
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thats another game :D you have to fight with temperatures regulary,eh?^^


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Jul 27, 2009
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Leesburg, FL
more worried about the temp of myself over the temp of my pc... lol

I'm running an i7 4ghz on WCG atm and its reading 73c, this has been for about 6 hours.

Temp of my bedroom/pc room is about 75-77F, i could be wrong by a couple points.

When the night is cool (55F) my Pc will load max temp about 62-65c.. but like binge suggested, i could use a better radiator.


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Dec 11, 2012
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Ok after reading some of the forum posts in this thread i find a flaw in some of the theories. i may be wrong but then again i may not.

lets first use an example: you have a car its principally cooled by water, this means you have a radiator, res, pump, and block.

now if you look at the thermals of this loop, the water leaving the block is the going to be the hottest, now the water leaving the radiator is going to be the coolest. there fore there will always be hot spots and cold spots the loop.

with that said this applies to WC computers to.

now lets take in to account fluid dynamics.

The foundational axioms of fluid dynamics are the conservation laws, specifically, conservation of mass, conservation of linear momentum (also known as Newton's Second Law of Motion), and conservation of energy (also known as First Law of Thermodynamics). These are based on classical mechanics and are modified in quantum mechanics and general relativity. They are expressed using the Reynolds Transport Theorem.

In addition to the above, fluids are assumed to obey the continuum assumption. Fluids are composed of molecules that collide with one another and solid objects. However, the continuum assumption considers fluids to be continuous, rather than discrete. Consequently, properties such as density, pressure, temperature, and velocity are taken to be well-defined at infinitesimally small points, and are assumed to vary continuously from one point to another.

so if fluid dynamics states that everything varies from point to point how can the temperatures reach equilibrium in a WC system??


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Apr 6, 2009
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It does not matter on loop order as everything settles on an equilibrium. There is literally no temperature difference anywhere in the loop except the hot spots your cooling. Use the shortest and cleanest routes possible.

OMG Necro thread....Answered this a long time ago. *facepalm*