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Windows 8 Finalized, RTM Arrives on August 15, "Metro" UI Name Dumped

Did MS yield too easily to threat of litigation by Metro Group? See another motive?

  • Yes, "Metro UI" is a codename and not a trademark, now people lack a name to call the ugly new UI

    Votes: 28 63.6%
  • No, the "I hate Metro" chorus could have damaged Metro Group, and it's quite a big company.

    Votes: 16 36.4%

  • Total voters
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Interesting article on what some developers fear that Windows 8 could become.
It's all speculation at this point as no one is sure what MS is going to do, but the concerns are valid.
Nice read!

I think its an okay OS so far...granted i didn't care for the new UI but I also didn't have a touch screen. I think MS did what they had to do before the other ones did. I hope for their sake they do it right because I feel they have a lot riding on it. Corporate use will be large if this is a success (that's all MS really cares about here). It will be like this ...Mr corporate CEO and the Bigs will have their cell phone and mobile pad and desktop replacement all on the same OS with the security features that corporations will just feel is a must have. Once they dominated the corporate arena then the rest will be like a water fall.

IF MS throws in some corporate secure feature that makes all three genera's sync then I feel it will be a success almost instantly.


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Feb 6, 2007
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There is a little more to it than that DRDNA.
If a business is run well and their IT department is paying attention there are other factors that must be considered before a mass move to a new OS.

- Will it increase productivity of the users, or at least not reduce it, due to the learning curve and use of the UI?
- What time frame can be reasonably expected until all users are proficient?
- Will I have to retool hardware (go to touch screens) in order to get productivity enhancements?
- How will the new OS affect IT administration costs? Will everything still work?
- If I do move to the new OS, what time frame am I looking at for the ROI?
- Why won't my hot secretary sleep with me?

Just a few things that most companies look at when pondering any upgrade.
Apr 30, 2012
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Once you boot up you get Metro-UI, OMG what do i do now, I hate this!!! "CLICK" WoW one click and i'm in desktop, This is awesome!!!!

We have to do more work when releasing on a platform. I want more profits!!! errr, I hate windows 8.
If windows didnt have rules/certification it be a mess. Developers would be all over the place and competing companies would go in differant direction far apart from each other so their tech would only work with there proprietary hardware/software combo.
Same with indie developers like the example. They praise the access that a platform provides with a large user base but they want to squeeze any amount of profitability they can with as minimal compliance as you can get away with.
Now that windows8 is here its more of developers seeing more programing and time going into work so that means money for them and they hate anything that cuts into their profitability.
Oct 26, 2011
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I use Windows 7 because it is more efficient than Vista and XP, and is the final version of Vista, which was released incomplete so that Microsoft could meet the deadline they set, Vista was a decent OS for the most part, except for UAC.

Windows 8 over complicates simple task, and the UI still needs a lot of work to make it more user friendly. And to be more accurate Windows 8 was finalized Wednesday, August 1st, and has since been leaked to the internet.
Actually I thought UAC in its more restrictive Vista form was brilliant. It sure stopped a lot of malware, despite non-savvy people thinking it was a hassle.

I did get a couple of calls from friends and relatives asking for help when they got a UAC prompt. I just said that if that window ever comes up and they're not in the process of installing/updating anything just click deny and be thankful for it.
Dec 6, 2008
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I think I''ll pass on win 8 atlease for release date,I ''m very pleased wit win 7, its my no problem windows from release,so I want to keep in this state for atleast this year.But will keep eye what new features brings win8 in future.
Apr 3, 2010
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Actually I thought UAC in its more restrictive Vista form was brilliant. It sure stopped a lot of malware, despite non-savvy people thinking it was a hassle.

I did get a couple of calls from friends and relatives asking for help when they got a UAC prompt. I just said that if that window ever comes up and they're not in the process of installing/updating anything just click deny and be thankful for it.
UAC when Vista came out played havoc with older applications and games.
May 19, 2007
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Metro was on the windows phone just because it hit pc people care.