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Wondering about the old pagefile installed on a USB Flash drive when using SSD


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Aug 3, 2006
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So now with ReadyBoost on the table with Vista and 7 (also XP with a hack). I wondering about the pagefile(Virtual_memory)today and SSD drives coming into play. Would it be better to install the pagefile onto a USB drive? (better yet install it on a RAM Drive seeing that a lot of machines are kicking around with more ram than it needs with most programs)

I have read that having the pagefile on a USB drive isn't so great because of the old fashion harddrives would cause it to be slower. Even tho it should be faster on USB because the seek times should save you around 2secs; so I'm left wondering if your running SSD instead of a normal HDD would/could it speed up your machine to move it off onto a USB Flash drive? Seeing that there is no moving parts inside SSD drives.

Has anyone ever tested that yet?