Remounted my Zalman9700 as suggested by some memberz.

September 25th 2007
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Key Features:
System Specs:
  • X2 6000+ -+- CROSSHAIR -+- 7950GT 512MB -+- ANTEC900 -+- ULTRA700
Performed Mods:
Had to remounted the heatsink. It looks better and I'll be able to install an active memory cooler that I just ordered. The reason I resubmitted this PC is because I could not delete some of my pictures.
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8 Comments on Remounted my Zalman9700 as suggested by some memberz.

nice comp dude , umm i know that ur 2 mouses are logitech g7, and the g5 but is that the mx 700?
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nice comp dude , umm i know that ur 2 mouses are logitech g7, and the g5 but is that the mx 700?
It's MX500.

OT: I like your Antec HDD coolers. Fits the case well, I have the 900 aswell. Pain in the ass wiring, but get yourself some dremels and you know you'll have one of the most amazing cases you'll ever have. xD
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Lol, dying to get that dremel out and working!!! Very soon, very soon. I'm just so tire of the crowded look. Thanks guys. Oh yeah, I think it's a MX500, it's been so long since I've had that. It's my favorite. I love the shape and feel of these Logitech mice. The one you see is actually my second MX500 that I bought refurbished but just like brand new which really suprised me. The first one got so worn out from my gaming that the left button became unresponsive.
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I tell you what, the G9 looks awesome. I'm a logitech-er anyway. I owned a MX310, 510 and now a G5. :P You get what I mean.
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Nice components, but...

...too bad the view is obscured with all those CABLES.

Forget the Dremmel and get youself a 1.5" holesaw for your power drill; about $10 at HomeDepot. It's a lot easier than dealing with the dremmel, and broken cutting disks, safety glasses, etc... And, don't forget a half moon metal file to smooth out the edges. Take a looks at what I did to my Antec 900.

Lesson Learned for my next project: When you cut your holes, make it so they are partially (up to half?) hidden by the motherboard when it's installed. For instance, the hole for the 24 pin PSU plug must be a lot larger than the cable diameter would require, so if you have the mobo cover half the hole (after the cable is passed through), it makes the hole look smaller than it was. Cutting circles with the hole saw is very quick, MUCH quicker than cutting a square or oval with the dremmel, and they are cleaner cuts.

Take a look at my Antec 900 and drop me a vote if you feel like it,

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Thanks Glendor. Yes I did vote on your rig, lol I was the first one to do it.
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I voted 1/10 because:

ehh. theres no mods done to it its just a pc
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