lian li dream

February 28th 2008
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Key Features:
Intel CPU NVIDIA Graphics
System Specs:
  • intel core 2 quad pro q6600, 4xgm crucial ballistix tracer memory, asus p5k premium wi/fi,vega 8800gts supper overclocked 640mb
Performed Mods:
added scythe kama bay120mm intake fan to get more cool air to the gpu
looking at getting the case annodised a new colour and some water cooling.
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3 Comments on lian li dream

Lian Li cases are the bomb. Nice colors I'm not a fan of blue but used in moderation it looks good. Hide the cables and you got a clean build. Those RAM led's could guide a small aircraft to a landing strip they are so bright. LoL 7/10 overall

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