Thermaltake MozartTX with QuadRadiator

March 11th 2008
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Key Features:
System Specs:
  • Intel E2160 @3Ghz 1.225V
  • Mobo GA-965-S3
  • Mem Team Elite 2G kit PC6400
  • VGA 8800GT ECS
  • HDD WDC 250G Sata2, Seagate 80G Sata2
  • DVD Pioner Sata
  • PSU 520 Powerstation Thermaltake
Performed Mods:
Water Block Aquablazing Thermaltake, Chipset Block NB Aquablazing Thermaltake, Chipset SB Thermalright HR-05, Thunderblade 8CM, 1x TMG2 Radiator Thermaltake, Cyclo 12CM Logo, 1x TMG2 Radiator Thermaltake, Cyclo 12CM Red & Blue, Aquabay M5 Pump + Tank Thermaltake, FlowTX Plus Thermaltake, Tube 3/8 UV Reactive Thermaltake, Water Coolant UV 1lt Thermaltake, Cable Sata UV Red Vizo, Single Light UV Thermaltake,
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3 Comments on Thermaltake MozartTX with QuadRadiator

just a collection of crazy bits, not for me.
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King Wookie
Living proof that disco still lives!

I'm holding off giving a score until there are some clearer photos of the internals, with the box powered off. I can't see past the lighting.

None the less, as it's your machine - enjoy!
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Why the Thermaltake water cooling?
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