February 7th 2006
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Really ugly (2.0)
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Key Features:
System Specs:
  • 1.75GHZ AMD Sempron 2500+ Socket-A, 512MB DDR 3200 Ram, GeForce 4 Ti4200 128mb OC, 80GB Hitachi SATA HDD, Chaintech 7NJL6 ATX Socket-A Mobo, NEC Dual Layer DVD Burner, 450Watts PSU
Performed Mods:
inverted Harddrive to hide cables, Four 12.5" Green CCFL's (2 Sound Sensitive), 2 X 120mm LED fans and 1 X 80mm Led fan.
Budget system my brother made for me, was only working with a $700 CND Budget. So don't make too harsh comments on the hardware, its meant to Be cheap, Look cool, and Do what I need.
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6 Comments on Xion-1337

Graphical Hacker
Nice case mod, not so nice guts...
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Dainty Moderator
PVTCaboose1337Nice case mod, not so nice guts...
i agree but im not disin

my sys b4 this

1.2ghz duron 384 then 512 sdram radeon 9250 pci 40gig 120gig(same as current sys)

now i played FARCRY on this and it went decent so im not dising your rig
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deja vu?


i see a resemblance to my case. they almost look the same. don't worry about the a%sho&es that give people a bad vote because they have crappy pc internals. i'm still running on socket A and it does what i need; for now! the color green looks so sexy though, i have to give it a 5. nicely done.
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The case looks sweet!
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Better than my ugly system, especially the green lights shining through the case!
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Jul 4th, 2022 00:16 EDT change timezone

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