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July 24th 2009
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Key Features:
AMD CPU AMD Graphics
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System Specs:
  • Elitegroup GeForce 6100SM-M2, Amd Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 3.0ghz x 2, ATI Radion HD3650 512DDR3, 3GB DDR2 800, Maxtor 250gb HDD
Performed Mods:
cleaned up the wirering, placed a neon sound controll module in case, added 2green neonbars added two red 80mm fans replaced the stock cpu cooler with a Coolermaster V8
Hello, this is my first attemp to mod my pc. like u can see it didn't went out well so pleas post some comments with tips etc. i really want to make this into a great pc but i'v only got a verry small budget :( grtz
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5 Comments on first attempt

very small budget, that V8 cost more then your mobo
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haha, thanks for comment, without a good cooling CPU cooler is what i think is important. in about a few weeks i've speared enough money for a Phenom2 so then i would need good cooling:D

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Looks great, but you might think of sticking with one theme and going with it, you might think that if it glows its cool, but if you stick with one defined colour and layout the end results will be better, also try to get hold of some wire covers/sleves that would hide the cabeling, nice work so far though
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thanks for your comment;) seems like some good idea's, i think i gonna search for a local metal working shop or something like that;) i'm only 14years old so i haven't much experience by myzelf.. got a rig by urself?

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front looks awesome!
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