Swamp Thing

June 7th 2006
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Key Features:
High Rated NVIDIA SLI Water-cooled
System Specs:
  • Koolance PC3-725BK Black Liquid Cooled Case
  • Asus P5ND2-SLI Deluxe Motherboard
  • P4 3.2Ghz L2 Cache (Liquid Cooled)
  • 2Gb DDR2 Corsair Ram
  • 2 BGF 7800GTX OCs in SLI (Liquid Cooled)
  • Sound Blaster XFI Fatality
  • Maxtor 200Gb 7200RPM HD
  • PC Power and Cooling Turbo Cool 510W (650 Max) PSU
  • Sony DVD-RW Drive
  • Sony DVD Drive
  • Floppy Drive
  • Koolance CPU and GPU cooling blocks
  • Fluid XP UV Reactive Non-Conductive coolant
  • 2 Ultra 12" UV Lights
  • 2 4" Green Cathodes
  • Orange UV Reactive IDE and Floppy Cables
Its kinda messy, but I have a hell of a lot of stuff crammed in there.
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5 Comments on Swamp Thing

Same case and love it, love the koolance and sli setup man... Cableing is aight.... 8/10 :)
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Very nice, i do like the cooling, tis a bit messy but I know exactly what you mean, very difficult to keep wires under control when that much stuff, done well with it though.
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Graphical Hacker
Wires acually look fine... the green looks awesome!
Posted on Reply
Thanks for the comments. I think someone got jealous and gave me a 3 :)
Posted on Edit | Reply
Jul 3rd, 2022 08:42 EDT change timezone

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