October 12th 2012
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Key Features:
Intel CPU NVIDIA Graphics Small Form Factor Water-cooled
System Specs:
  • i7 3770,G1 Sniper-M,Dominater Platinum,GF PGTX580-OC/1536D5 MDT4,Crucial M4 64GB x 2 RAID0,SST-F75F-P
Performed Mods:
like the galaxy....
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7 Comments on SST-PS07 -MOD GALAXY-

all i see is lights..
I adhered to LED.
Therefore, your words are glad.
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PS07 with carbon fibre finish, dominator platinums, custom drive cage with SSD's in RAID and throw in a few LEDs thru frosted material at bottom.. looking GREAT, H.R! i like..
the transparent drive bays make the SSDs seem to float inside the case(or should I say space!).. good artistic approach.. the video card with its LEDs complement the hitech theme well too..

but i guess u can further improve the looks by hiding/covering the cables behind the ssds? the 'slack' in the power cables from psu could be reduced too.. the 'chrome' paint on the cpu cooler might feel gaudy for some.. but its ok i feel..
and for the side panel, i like the idea the full transparent side panel u have used rather than create a window.. but the 'PS 07' decal/sticker could have been better.. maybe u can use better font to make it suit the sci-fi theme? lastly, did u think abt adding a light tint to the transparent side panel, i feel i would add more depth.. just suggestions..
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WCG-TPU Team All-Star!
I like it a lot, pretty clean and sexy.
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It's so Cool & Sexy.
I would like to get the skill and the sense of you.
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Like the color and nice acrylic work!
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Mr.Hide. :) sann!

Sorry for late comment.

1 voted 10/10! to your cool and stylish rig machine.
keep your nice mod!! :D

NEKO sann,,. :)
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