Blue Beast

May 31st 2014
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Key Features:
Intel CPU AMD Graphics
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System Specs:
  • i5- 3450 @ 4~ghz
  • Asrock z75 pro3 mobo
  • 8gb Kingston Hyper X DDR3-1600
  • Gigabyte Windforce 3 7950 w/Arctic cooler
  • Ultra 600w PSU
  • Antec 900 case
Performed Mods:
Corsair blue 140mm fan in PSU Cougar fans in all case fan slots (except for the stock antec Big Boy 200mm on top) Upgraded arctic coolers for the cpu and gpu
Running an Acer 23.6" LCD 5ms monitor for those who care.. Also a Razer Blackwidow Mechanical keyboard, Logitech G700 mouse with a steel series mouse pad. Logitech G430 headset.
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Sloppy presentation
Returns once the final PC with real photos
Also redid the wiring
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