haf 912 with integrated touch screen monitor side panel with liquid cooling

November 12th 2014
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Key Features:
Intel CPU Scratch Build Water-cooled
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System Specs:
  • Pentium g3258 of @ 4.6
  • Msi x87 g43 motherboard
  • 8gb of gskill ram @1866
  • 128gb 840pro
  • R7 260x (currently being modded)
  • 2tb x 4
  • 1 dvdrw
  • this was meant to be my stand alone home server hence me modding a touch screen in it. Also plan to have the picture of the inside case as the background/ screensaver, just a little fuck fuck trick for my stoner friends,lulz
Performed Mods:
Put a 17" ello touch screen on the side panel Internal usb header are custom built inside the case (going for all sleek look) Modding my r7 260x . Putting it on a pcie 16x riser then routing the monitor cables directly to the vga, and modding the leftover ports(dvi/hdmi) to the back of the computer. It'll be mounted art some weird place in the case. Cut massive holes in the case to allow more space and water cooling, starting to get cramped.
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(only started on it for 8 hours so far.) Well upload more when finished. Will probably finish on my next day off Also this is the second installation of my "warmachine" build line. 2500k w/ 770 gtx and 22" 1080p monitor mounted on the case (stacker master from coolermaster) It was so massive and heavy. Which led me to make this one The first was way bigger way more powerful. Will also upload those pictures too in another build when I find the pictures Had RAM failure while overclocking lol.
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2 Comments on haf 912 with integrated touch screen monitor side panel with liquid cooling

looks nice and maybe you could add bezel on monitor so it could get clean
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Yeah looking to add like a plastic/rubber rim protective layering around the edges of the cut to protect the screen a bit more
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