IKONiK (Dark Base Pro)

July 17th 2017
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Key Features:
Intel CPU NVIDIA Graphics Custom Paint Job Water-cooled
System Specs:
  • Hardware Specs
  • Motherboard EVGA Z170 Classified K
  • CPU Intel I7 6700K
  • GPU EVGA GTX 1070 SC
  • Ram EVGA 16gb Superclocked DDR4
  • OCZ Vector 180 (480gb) SSD
  • Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 11 PSU (1,200 watt)
  • 4 X Be Quiet PureWings 3 – 140mm fans and 2 X 120mm fans
  • CableMod B-series ModFlex modular sleeved cable set (Black)
  • MNPCTech Billet aluminum cable combs (3 X 24-pin & 7 X 8-pin)
  • Alphacool Eislich lights (inside and under)
  • Water-cooling ModMyMods & Aquatuning
  • Alphacool Eisblock XPX CPU block (silver)
  • Alphacool 250mm tube reservoir
  • Alphacool UT60 420mm radiator (special edition white)
  • Alphacool Single GPX SLI connector
  • Alphacool GTX 1070 GPU block
  • Alphacool Eispump VP755 (version 2) x2 w/acetal blocks
  • Alphacool brass (chrome) hardline tubing 13mm
  • Alphacool bulkhead fittings
  • Alphacool assorted adaptors including check valves and pressure release valves
  • Alphacool Aurora reservoir RGB LED ring
  • Alphacool Dual 45 degree rotatable fittings
  • Alphacool ball valves (drain ports)
Performed Mods:
• Custom basement and HD shroud • Extensive hand cut acrylic work • Watercooling passthrough made to get horizontal h20 runs • Hand built acrylic side vent • Custom vinyl work • Modded GPU waterblock • Dual pumount mount • A huge list of other mods
Time Spent:
I started the IKONiK Case Mod almost a year ago.
  • EVGA
  • Be Quiet
  • ModMyMods
  • Alphacool
  • OCZ
  • CableMod
IKONiK is my interpretation of a sleek, modern and high tech PC. It features hardware from EVGA, OCZ & Be Quiet modded into one cohesive design. I put hundreds of hours into crafting even the smallest details on this case mod. Everything from the case to the Cmos battery has been modded in one way or another. The goal was to blend these mods into the build so that they all worked together instead of standing out alone. Some of the details will never be seen but, those details are just as important as the ones you do see. The plan for IKONiK was to break away from traditional aesthetics while tipping my hat to a generation of forward thinkers. I wanted to create something that goes beyond “standard” ideas and instead pursue this project inspired by layout, location, and function. Frank Lloyd Wright’s mentor, Louis Sullivan famously stated that, “Form follows function”. This idea is expressed by Modernism's tendency to have the function of a project dictate much of the design ideas. I attempted to look through the eyes of this perspective throughout the build.
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4 Comments on IKONiK (Dark Base Pro)

Looks really good - very clean and modern per your goal.
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Envious Mods
Looks really good - very clean and modern per your goal.
Thank you very much. That's exactly what I was going for. It took a ton of work to get all the bits to work together to give it a clean aesthetic look. I appreciate the comments.
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I like this a lot, beautiful work!
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Envious Mods
I like this a lot, beautiful work!
I really appreciate it Infrared! Thank you!
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