September 14th 2017
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Key Features:
Intel CPU NVIDIA Graphics Scratch Build Water-cooled
System Specs:
  • System specs https://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/12363373
Special Tools Used:
  • All kinds of wood working tools
Time Spent:
Two weeks (pc case + media closet)
First I was just going to make a custom media closet for my: PC, XBOX ONE, Home theater receiver, subwoofer and some storage space. Ok, the closet was almost ready when I got the idea to rid of the pc case.. So I aimed just to mod PC parts to a drawer :D
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2 Comments on DrawerPuter

Idea good execution bad
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I voted 8/10 because:

I agree with the first comment - I'm not sure this type of case fits the interests of the site. I like it, it's hidden and blends in with the rest of the entertainment center.

Apart from the design of the entertainment center itself - which is probably the biggest flaw in this build, in my opinion - the only interface parts are on the drawer near the bottom. That works great if you're a kid or young adult, but apart from the distracting looks of the placement, if your back become sore you're not going to plug into the machine.

I gave it an 8 because it's a great start - the parts housing the components look good, and because it's not designed specifically for showing off, I like the lack of flash. I hope you do something about the function before your first bad day - trust me, a few of those and you'll understand the important part of my complaint.
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