L3p C700P

February 6th 2018
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Key Features:
High Rated Intel CPU NVIDIA Graphics Water-cooled
System Specs:
  • Intel i7 8700K
  • Asus Maximus X Formula
  • Asus Poseidon GTX1080Ti
  • TeamGroup T-Force Delta RGB 32GB
  • TeamGroup L5 LITE 3D 480GB
  • Cablemod Custom Pro Cablekit
  • Cooler Master C700P
  • Cooler Master C700P Glass Side Panel (2x)
  • Cooler Master V850
  • Cooler Master Liquid Maker 240 (2x)
  • Cooler Master MasterFan Pro 120 Air pressure (9x)
Performed Mods:
Sanded and polished the 4 bars and changed all positions inside . Also made it compatible with 4x120mm in the front.
Special Tools Used:
  • Multitool, sandpaper, files, drill etc
  • Cooler Master
  • Asus
  • Team Group
  • Cablemod
I was very honored when Cooler Master asked me to try their C700P. Wanted to do a kind of a minimalistic look-through build and used 2 glass panels. Also changed the mainboard panel direction and placement.
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4 Comments on L3p C700P

would be nice to see some pictures in daylight :)
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zo0lykas said:
would be nice to see some pictures in daylight :)
Added a few photos, however in 3 weeks i'll add some more when I'll take some photos when I'm on a LAN event with it.
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if this guy cant make this case look good it must be shit :)

bought it but it is so bad comparing to lian li, silverstone or case labs

crapy BQ from CM...

wasted potential...
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