Project CM690iii "The Rusty Got Beauty"

May 13th 2018
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Excellent (6.4)
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Key Features:
Intel CPU AMD Graphics Custom Paint Job Water-cooled
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System Specs:
  • CPU i7, Ram 16GB, GPU R9 290x, PSU CM G750, 3TB HDD, 250SSD, CM Master Liquid Cooler, CM 690iii Casing, CM jet flow fans, Sound Blaster Z Sound Card
Special Tools Used:
  • CO2 Laser machine, Dremel rottery tool.
Time Spent:
1 Week
This Cooler Master 690iii was a ugly old saggy boy. Half teared up chassis. It was picking up rust in my workshop for over an year. At last got some time in hand to pick it up for good. Tried quite hard to give it a good new look. And i believe im quite successful. Hope you all will enjoy it. Thanks for visiting and rating my MOD.
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1 Comment on Project CM690iii "The Rusty Got Beauty"

Very nice build with only a couple of things that are a negative in my viewpoint.
The optical drive detracts from the front and should be hidden by a cover matching the front fascia, and those corrugated hoses on the CPU pump to the Radiator are ugly in my opinion, i'm sure some people may like them.
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