Why not a Netbook?

August 5th 2018
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Key Features:
Intel CPU Small Form Factor
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System Specs:
  • Intel Atom
  • 1.5 GB RAM
  • mSata SSD 128GB (With SATA adapter)
  • OS Raspbian (for the low spec system)
Performed Mods:
Two mini fans (1.5cm, 5V). CPU fan directly to 5V. Two power up 5V regulators. Two led lights. Copper thermal pads. Aluminium Heatsink (over the factory heatsink). A hole in the lower case for air intake. Acrylic cover for scratch protection.
Special Tools Used:
  • Dremel Mototool
  • Soldering iron.
Time Spent:
about 6 hours
My old Acer One ZG5 with a few cooling mods and some led light. This netbook is used for solitaire gaming, music and some document work. It can run Youtube videos at a 720p without any problem.
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1 Comment on Why not a Netbook?

It's elegant in a ghetto fashion, but doesn't deserve a Nobel Prize. Good work Mate.
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