April 22nd 2020
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Key Features:
Intel CPU NVIDIA Graphics NVIDIA SLI Water-cooled
System Specs:
  • i9 9900k @5100
  • z390 waterforce gigabyte
  • 32gb 4000hz Gskill
  • 2080ti SLI
  • caselabs magnum TH10
  • 1200w Asus PSU
  • 3x nvme sasmung 970 pro
  • first loop (cpu) 2x360mm Ek 60mm thick rads
  • second loop( gpu) 2x480mm EK 60mm thick rads
  • corsair ML 120mm fans runing at 600RPM
  • 2x ek distroplates res + 2x 3.2 DC pumps
  • 3x4k 32inch acer predator flipped ( nvidia surround)
-The aim was to build an overkill deadly silent rig, -Max temps while gaming is 40-43 degree on both gpus -CPU temps prime95 stress for 2hrs is around 52 degree
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2 Comments on caselabs

Superb voted, good job, look very nice !
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And i thought my Tower 900 was big LOL! I miss Caselabs TBH...
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